The World Has Changed. What is a Sales Professional to Do?

Written by Jim McCormick

We have all been confronted with dramatic change inrepparttar last year. We are all confronted with new challenges. So, as a sales professional, what do you do now?

Recognizerepparttar 127333 Positives

Recent traumatic events have caused most everyone to reassess their priorities. Most of us have asked ourselves, “What’s important?” This is a positive development. While we are all inclined to return to our old patterns, going through this questioning process causes us all to expand our horizons. We are reminded that nothing is certain … or permanent. This leads to a strong reminder that current opportunities will not last forever.

Why is this important to you as a sale professional? This can lead to an increased sense of urgency – one of your strongest sales allies.

Deal withrepparttar 127334 Fear

The sudden and unexpected changes we have all experienced may well evoke some fear. It is important to be aware ofrepparttar 127335 fear, both in you and your customers.

Positioning your product or service as something that can reducerepparttar 127336 fear will serve you well. Keep this in mind in your sales process.

As far asrepparttar 127337 fear you may be experiencing,repparttar 127338 important step is to accept that it is there. There is nothing wrong with being frightened. It is healthy and normal. But it is vital that you be honest with yourself by acknowledgingrepparttar 127339 fear.

Although I am a professional skydiver with over 1,700 skydives, I am often quite frightened before a challenging exhibition jump. To keeprepparttar 127340 fear from controlling me and hampering my performance, I have learned to accept its presence.

From Cowardly to Courageous - How to Succeed at Cold Calling

Written by Jim McCormick

There it is. That darn phone! And you have to pick it up and call someone you don’t know. You need to make some cold calls.

The first thing to know is this -repparttar longer you put off picking uprepparttar 127332 phone and making that first call,repparttar 127333 heavier that phone gets. Give it enough time and you’ll swearrepparttar 127334 phone weighs 500 pounds when you try to lift it.

I’ve been skydiving for years. In thousands of jumps, I’ve learned some valuable lessons that apply to lots of things … including cold calling. So, let me share some insights with you I’ve reaped from all those skydives that will make you more successful at cold calling.

So, how do you get started? How do you overcomerepparttar 127335 understandable fear of cold calling? Here are a few simple steps.

Five Steps for Being More Successful Cold Calling

You Have to Believe in What You’re Offering

See It Fromrepparttar 127336 Buyer’s Perspective

Separate Yourself fromrepparttar 127337 Inevitable Rejection

Acceptrepparttar 127338 Fear - Then Move Through It

Keep Dialing

Step 1 - You Have to Believe in What You’re Offering

You have to believe inrepparttar 127339 product or service you’re offering. You have to know you’re selling something of value - something that will assistrepparttar 127340 person or organization you are calling.

If you are not sure ofrepparttar 127341 benefits you’re offering your prospect, you need to sit down and think about it. Ask yourself, “How will this person or their organization be better off if they buy what I am selling?” How will they sell more, save money, operate better, be happier, be more profitable - whateverrepparttar 127342 benefits are they’ll enjoy.

This is vital! Do not bother going on torepparttar 127343 next steps until you have this really clear in your mind. You will be wasting your time. You have to be absolutely convinced - deep down - ofrepparttar 127344 value of your product or service.

Now, if you’re stumped on this one, get some help. Ask some colleagues or friends for their thoughts onrepparttar 127345 value you’re offering. If you do all this and conclude there really is not much value in what you are offering … move on! You will never be a success at selling something you don’t believe in. And life is too short to spend your time doing it.

It’s similar to skydiving. If you do not believe in yourself and your equipment, you have no business being inrepparttar 127346 plane - let alone in freefall. You owe it to yourself - and your prospects - to only sell something you in which you truly believe.

Step 2 - See It Fromrepparttar 127347 Buyer’s Perspective

When I was getting certified to take people for their first skydive, I was first required to put onrepparttar 127348 student harness and ride onrepparttar 127349 front of an experienced instructor - just like my students do now. This was required because it is critical that I understand my student’s perspective. Experiencing a jump fromrepparttar 127350 student’s perspective has definitely made me a better instructor.

It isrepparttar 127351 same for cold calling. You have to put yourself inrepparttar 127352 buyer’s shoes. In your mind, trade places with your prospect. Ask yourself, “What would make me say, yes?” And also ask yourself, “What would make me say, no?” You have to appreciaterepparttar 127353 buyer’s perspective to effectively sell to them.

It will help to ask people you’ve already sold to why they said, “yes.” What maderepparttar 127354 difference to them? You’ll gain valuable insights that will help you better understand you prospect’s perspective - and make you more effective.

Step 3 - Separate Yourself fromrepparttar 127355 Inevitable Rejection

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