The Wonders of a Newsletter

Written by windsong

As I learned more about internet marketing, I kept hearing that I needed my own 'in house' mailing list. This is a list of visitors who are interested in what my site has to offer. I could try to capture information on my visitors (ie: email address) but somehow this just didn't seem ethical to my way of thinking.

I decidedrepparttar way to build a list was to publish a newsletter. The advantages of publishing a newsletter are many. It is a great way to help establish your internet presence. It helps to build your credibility online. It's also a terrific way to get to meet a lot of people. Once your readers have become comfortable with your presence, and gain confidence in your knowledge and abilities, they are very likely to become life long customers at your website.

I thought about this for a long time before I actually did it. I knew it was going to be a lot of work, and I wanted to be able to do a good job. So I thought about what makes an ezine (newsletter) worth reading. I determined that itsrepparttar 124366 same thing that makes a website worthwhile. Content! I needed to have content that people wanted. I knew I could find plenty of content onrepparttar 124367 internet. But I also knew that I would have to create some original content of my own. So I started writing articles.

It had also ocurred to me that I could sell ad space in my newsletter once I had a decent number of subscribers. People would want to run ads in my newsletter because it was a targeted audience for their ads. This is far superior to just placing classified ads on general ad sites.

I also had determined that my 'targeted' readers would be interested in some ofrepparttar 124368 things I was promoting through my affiliate programs. So my newsletter gave me an avenue by which I could tell my audience about these products. And, when they purchase these products, I make a commission. What a great way to reach masses of people without spamming!

600,000 subscriptions at $12.00 each!

Written by Michael J. McGroarty

Rule number one. Basic human nature never changes. Keep that in mind.

The idea that I'm about to present to you could be a booklet, it could be E-book, or an E-mail newsletter that people pay to receive, or it could be members only website that people pay to belong to. But what's really important, it could be a writers dream come true.

This article should really make you think. The numbers that I am going to share with you are quite impressive.

Back inrepparttar mid 1970's a married couple had an idea, they would publish a newsletter about contests and how to win contests. Contests seemed to be really popular, so why wouldn't a newsletter that's all about contests also be popular.

With that, their newsletter was born. They published information about how to find contests, how to win contests, and they also searched for contests and shared them with their subscribers.

Their newsletter became popular and in no time they had 8,000 subscribers at $8.00 each. (this wasrepparttar 124365 70's mind you) Things were going really well, andrepparttar 124366 subscriber list grew and grew and grew. At one time they had over 600,000 paid subscribers, and by thenrepparttar 124367 subscription price was $12.00.

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