The Westin Chicago River North Opens Health Club to Local Membership

Written by Pam Vreeland

CHICAGO (July 2005) – The Westin Chicago River North, located onrepparttar bank ofrepparttar 150983 Chicago River inrepparttar 150984 heart ofrepparttar 150985 business and theater district, announced that it is now offering local memberships to its WestinWORKOUT Powered by Reebok® health club. Featuring a comprehensive selection of state-of-the-art Life Fitness cardiovascular and strength-training equipment,repparttar 150986 fitness center also provides personal training service, which is included inrepparttar 150987 price of membership, according to Marketing Manager Pam Vreeland. Members are treated torepparttar 150988 latest in fitness features atrepparttar 150989 impressive new health club, which includes personal flat screen TVs, digital music and pre-planned workouts. Equipment atrepparttar 150990 health club includes Life Fitness treadmills, elliptical trainers, stairmasters, recumbent cycles, upright cycles, eight stations of strength equipment, and dumbbells. In addition, Reebok Core training equipment, including exercise balls, ab roller, andrepparttar 150991 balance board are available. Certified personal trainers also are on hand to provide health assessments, nutrition guidelines and individualized programs to ensure that workouts are safe, efficient and effective. Additionally, WestinWORKOUT Runner’s World Maps, which outline nearby recommended three- and five-mile jogging/walking/bicycle routes, also are provided to members. Other membership benefits include freshly laundered exercise attire (shirts, shorts and socks), full towel service, permanent private lockers, showers, and dry heat saunas. An array of grooming products and appliances are also available for members, and this includes shampoo, lotion, hair styling products, deodorant, mouthwash, shaving cream, razors, hair dryers and curling irons. Members also have access to professional massage therapy atrepparttar 150992 hotel. Amongrepparttar 150993 services offered are The Westin Well-Being Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Westin WORKOUT Sports Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Custom Well-Being Massage, andrepparttar 150994 Head, Shoulders and Back Massage. For information about memberships torepparttar 150995 hotel’s WestinWORKOUT Powered by Reebok health club, call (312) 744-1900, ext. 41. The health club is open from 5:30 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Friday, and from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.


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Natural Progesterone And Osteoporosis Treatment Success

Written by David Buster

Using natural progesterone and osteoporosis was successfully treated? Is it possible? After all, natural progesterone is safe with virtually no side effects when used correctly. It is one ofrepparttar two primary hormones produced in a healthy woman duringrepparttar 150934 menstrual cycle,repparttar 150935 other hormone being estrogen. In perhapsrepparttar 150936 only study of natural progesterone and osteoporosis treatment of its kind,repparttar 150937 success obtained by a leading Harvard-trained physician for reversing osteoporosis in women is explained.

What is osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a progressive disease whererepparttar 150938 bones become more porous and weaker over time. Untreated, osteoporosis will weaken, disable and kill both women and men. Almost half ofrepparttar 150939 women inrepparttar 150940 United States will fracture a hip, forearm or spine sometime in their lifetime. 20% of women who fracture their hip will die within one year. And it is not just a disease ofrepparttar 150941 elderly. Osteoporosis regularly begins its destructive process for women in their thirties. Becoming slightly shorter in height isrepparttar 150942 most noticable ofrepparttar 150943 osteoporosis symptoms. Osteoporosis causes postural changes, and it makes one more likely to have a bone fracture as one ages.

There are two kinds of bone cells that one should understand. Osteoclasts arerepparttar 150944 cells that travel through bone tissue, finding bone tissue that needs replacing, removing old bone by dissolving it and leaving small cavities or pores where there once was bone. Osteoblasts arerepparttar 150945 cells that form new bone cells inrepparttar 150946 cavities left byrepparttar 150947 dissolving tissue. This continous process of bone resorption and new bone formation is how bones are kept strong inrepparttar 150948 healthy body. Bone strength isrepparttar 150949 result ofrepparttar 150950 balance of these two processes. Osteoporosis happens when more bone tissue is being dissolved than is being rebuilt.

When arerepparttar 150951 bonesrepparttar 150952 strongest in women? Bone strength is greatest at around age 30 for women. Bone loss typically begins in women 5-20 years before menopause. Osteoporosis occurs regularly in both women and men. Even though a man begins to lose bone mass considerably later in life than a woman, bone loss happens in men. Women often begin losing bone mass as early as in their thirties, whereas bone loss begins inrepparttar 150953 fifties for a man. Byrepparttar 150954 time men reach their seventies, their bone weakness equals that of women.

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