The Webmaster's Assistant

Written by Martin Day

There are many tools available to a webmaster to analyse website traffic allowing them to monitorrepparttar number of visitors, see what pages have been accessed and evenrepparttar 131656 length of time each visitors spends accessingrepparttar 131657 website.

However, despiterepparttar 131658 considerable data available what is missing is anything to tellrepparttar 131659 webmaster whatrepparttar 131660 visitor was thinking. Did they like or dislikerepparttar 131661 site? Wasrepparttar 131662 layout easy to understand or just plain confusing? Did they find it easy to navigate and mayberepparttar 131663 most important thing, did they findrepparttar 131664 information they wanted?

A website may be generating sales but why are some people that visitrepparttar 131665 website not buying anything? Was it because they didn’t like what was being offered or they couldn’t find what they wanted?

Website surveys provide webmasters with an excellent and accurate method of answering these types of questions. Direct feedback fromrepparttar 131666 website visitors cuts torepparttar 131667 chase, no need to guess, just askrepparttar 131668 visitors themselves how they foundrepparttar 131669 site and if they found what they were looking for.

With an online survey webmasters can find out:-

How often do people visitrepparttar 131670 website?

How did they arrive atrepparttar 131671 website?

Are they accessingrepparttar 131672 website for business or pleasure?

Simple steps to making more web sales

Written by Matt Eliason

Not making sales like you think you should? This article looks at addressing buyer behaviour and outlines simple steps to increasing conversion rates.

Today there are a range of e-commerce software packages that make building online stores easy. Generally they are database driven and have shopping cart functionality built in. They are written by programmers and providerepparttar core element of an online store.

But having a website needs to be more than having just an online catalogue.

One ofrepparttar 131653 biggest mistakes that most online retailers make is they do not take into account typical buyer behaviour. The conversion from real world to online provides many benefits torepparttar 131654 retailer, but present some real challenges forrepparttar 131655 customer because their buying decision is made more difficult in an online environment.

What to I mean? Lets use a client’s site that sells sterling silver jewellery as an example.

Their site was: -well structured, -items pages were neatly laid out, -product images were clear, -add to cart button clearly visible -there was a short description ofrepparttar 131656 item. -a page describing their 14-day money back guarantee, -a privacy page saying your details would be kept secure.

But sales were slow.

They tried discounting.

But sales were still slow.

What was missing? What could be done to encourage visitors to purchase?

The answer lies in addressing buyers needs and purchasing behaviour. Lets think aboutrepparttar 131657 buying process when we are in a physical store.

Imagine ifrepparttar 131658 sales person just handed you a card with a photograph, price and short description ofrepparttar 131659 item on which to make you buying decision, would you buy? Lets go one step further – that they even let you look atrepparttar 131660 item throughrepparttar 131661 glass counter top. Would you buy? At this stage we are providing more thanrepparttar 131662 average website, but I bet you still have not said yes to buying.

What arerepparttar 131663 steps that we follow in our purchase decision process? First we would ask to holdrepparttar 131664 item. Even without askingrepparttar 131665 sales person a question we will be making evaluations based onrepparttar 131666 weight and feel ofrepparttar 131667 item. Doesrepparttar 131668 clasp look strong? If there are any gems, doesrepparttar 131669 setting look well built sorepparttar 131670 stones won’t work loose and be lost? How does it look against skin (fair, olive dark complexions)?

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