The Web's Secret Traffic Source - the Open Directory Project

Written by Alan Grissett

The importance of having targeted traffic can't be understated, and search engines can be a great source of this traffic. The first search service covered in this series of articles is a directory known asrepparttar Open Directory Project, or ODP (

First, a little background onrepparttar 128341 Open Directory Project: The ODP is a Web directory, not a search engine, andrepparttar 128342 purpose ofrepparttar 128343 ODP is to list and categorize web sites. But unlike Yahoo! orrepparttar 128344 several dozen other directories that maintain a paid staff of reviewers, "the ODP is an Open Source inspired, volunteer managed initiative." In a nutshell, this means that human volunteers review, add, and removerepparttar 128345 listings of this directory. Potential editors can elect to review site submissions in categories related to their area of expertise or interest. In and of itself, this is a pretty remarkable method for reviewing sites, because it allows for those most knowledgeable in a given area to review sites submitted to that same area. From a Web site manager's perspective though,repparttar 128346 Open Source nature ofrepparttar 128347 search service itself isrepparttar 128348 main factor in its importance as a traffic source.

How to Submit to the Open Directory Project (ODP)

Written by Alan Grissett

The ODP ( is organized into categories and subcategories, and as simple as it may sound,repparttar key to submitting is finding out where your site should be listed. There are two good ways to determine where your site belongs. You can perform a keyword search, then "drill down" to findrepparttar 128340 category that sites returned byrepparttar 128341 search belong to, or you can manually findrepparttar 128342 right category by drilling down fromrepparttar 128343 home page. I would recommend manually findingrepparttar 128344 right category, because some sites returned as search results may not belong to exactlyrepparttar 128345 same category your site should be submitted to.

Forrepparttar 128346 sake of illustration, let's say you run a for-profit, defensive driving school, and I need to findrepparttar 128347 correct category to submit to. Fromrepparttar 128348 ODP home page, I would probably selectrepparttar 128349 broad category of "Business", because after all, I am out to make a profit, so that seems like a pretty logical choice. The next page I'm presented with has around fifty subcategories. "Training and Schools" sounds right, so I'll choose that one. I'm then provided withrepparttar 128350 various categories of training schools, and "Traffic Schools" is among them, so I'll choose it. This is probablyrepparttar 128351 category where I need my site to be listed, so I'll submit here.

The category selection process just described would apply to any site, and the

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