The Warner Brothers Make Noise

Written by Stephen Schochet

Hollywood was an attractive place forrepparttar early filmmakers to settle, full of good weather, orange and lemon trees. For producers who owed money on borrowed camera equipment if a creditor came after them, they could hide amongrepparttar 118234 trees. It was a hard business full of causalities and took a pirate's mentality to survive. Most ofrepparttar 118235 studio heads were from poor backgrounds, with limited English skills and never forgot their childhood or a personal slight. Included were Jack, Harry, Albert and Sam,repparttar 118236 four Warner Brothers from Youngstown, Ohio. They had begun with showing movies offrepparttar 118237 side of a tent in Youngstown, borrowing allrepparttar 118238 chairs fromrepparttar 118239 local undertaker. Every time there was a funeral in Youngstown, they had to give allrepparttar 118240 chairs back andrepparttar 118241 film patrons were forced to stand.

As a boy Jack Warner wished to be a singer and a comedian. His brothers, recognizing his lack of talent instructed him to sing inrepparttar 118242 tent when they wantedrepparttar 118243 audience to leave. He was later advised thatrepparttar 118244 money was not in performing, it was in paying performers. Amongrepparttar 118245 stars that would be under contract to him would be Betty Davis, James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart and Errol Flynn.

The silent days were a struggle for Warner Bros. Rin Tin Tin, a German shepherd that according to his publicity was born in a foxhole in World War I, was their biggest star. Heroic as he might have been onrepparttar 118246 screen, he proved to be, like many stars, cantankerous in person. Jack Warner tookrepparttar 118247 dog on a publicity tour. As he introduced him torepparttar 118248 crowd, his ungrateful employee bit him onrepparttar 118249 behind, leading torepparttar 118250 dog's dismissal. It proved to be a prelude to Warner's many future battles with stars.

Trying to make a name for themselves,repparttar 118251 four brothers got great publicity by announcing thatrepparttar 118252 renowned opera tenor Caruso would be arriving from Italy to make a film for them. They paid him 25,000 dollars and then put him in a silent movie.

The movie studios hadrepparttar 118253 technology to make talking films years before they made them. One ofrepparttar 118254 reasons why they resistedrepparttar 118255 idea was that they didn't want to risk losing their overseas market. Stars like Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford rarely ever had a flop as their films were shown aroundrepparttar 118256 world and knew no language barriers. But in 1926repparttar 118257 silent films faced their biggest competition with a new device calledrepparttar 118258 radio. As movie attendance dwindledrepparttar 118259 studio heads shut their eyes and pretendedrepparttar 118260 radio was not there. Butrepparttar 118261 Warners lead byrepparttar 118262 ambitious Sam, decided to pushrepparttar 118263 envelope and try to save their sinking studio by experimenting with movie sound.

Just One Of Those Hellish Days

Written by Dagmar Rakos

------------------------------------------------- Just One Of Those Hellish Days… -------------------------------------------------

by Dagmar Rakos

That was one of those days - I call them hell days, my friends call them haunted - when nothing seemed to work.

Everything what could go wrong, went.

First my main desktop computer played it's favorite "dead beetle" game and didn't want to turn on until I forced it withrepparttar main On/Off switch atrepparttar 118233 back.

Then my ISP provider pretended I don't exist and quietly and efficiently kicked me offrepparttar 118234 Net few seconds after my modem finally forced it's way to their server.

Seems like ancient Latin would be easier to communicate with at times than this "computerese" both ofrepparttar 118235 machines are supposed to understand.

(I wonder when finallyrepparttar 118236 time will come when kicking off your own customers without first even giving themrepparttar 118237 opportunity of choice will become non-acceptable in civilized society.

Actually I am more afraid it will spread and in a few years we can find ourselves atrepparttar 118238 front ofrepparttar 118239 food store where we just been kicked out few minutes after we entered and gave them our money - bouncing at it's door and pleading: "Let me in! Please, let me in! I honestly Do need to eat!")

- After I finally was able to log on and successfully closed down few automatic pop-ups for various communication and protection software I never heard off I found out that email from my hosting company is still inrepparttar 118240 stage of evolution where according to some mysterious laws of cyber-universe email messages to "" will go through, but messages to "" will be rejected by my hosting company vigilant server as a "bad, malfunctioned address". Or maybe they are just finicky, they simply don't like my name.

Anyway, it's too personal and what-do-I-think Internet belongs to machines it doesn't need some stupid softy human touch…

When I clawed my way through my handy Mailwasher anti-spam preview program, and markedrepparttar 118241 usual spam dirt (offers for enlarged penis, and Viagra and such stuff - mind you I am a woman!) from my boxes onrepparttar 118242 servers - incredibly enough this time all my hosts and even fussy ISP didn't object to bouncingrepparttar 118243 spam dirt back to its senders.

Then as a kick to my over-inflated ego (from at least something finally working) I got a message from my credit card processing company that they changed everything they could due to enhancement of their service, and everything will be better and safer and faster and brighter, and nice and sunny, blah, blah, blah… (all that jazz) - which automatically raised my "Catastrophe!" alert sensors at their highest level - andrepparttar 118244 "insignificant triviality" they want from me is to go to their site and check my user ID and password and if it doesn't work get myself a new one.

Naturally my red light of High Alert/Danger! was correct - as byrepparttar 118245 time evenrepparttar 118246 first page of their "efficiently improved" site downloads, I am able to go to washroom, clean my hands, break up my 2 little terriers fight for one of my new shoes I forgot to hide into closet, and get myself a drink.

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