The Versatility of Inflatable Kayaks

Written by Monica Marty

When you think of kayaks you most likely picture a kayak constructed from plastic or a composite of fiberglass and Kevlar. However, kayaks have been available in inflatable form for several decades. These kayaks are not likerepparttar simple inflatable water toys in your swimming pool. Inflatable kayaks provide durability and stay afloat easily. Plus, inflatable kayaks have superior tracking abilities compared to inflatable boats. These are just a snippet ofrepparttar 148464 countless features that bring confidence and interest to many kayakers.

Inflatable kayaks have several advantages. They weigh less then their plastic and composite counter parts. They are easily mobile and can be carried by one person versusrepparttar 148465 need for several people to move a hard-hull kayak. Inflatable kayaks can be used on day tours, camping trips, and sea kayaking. If you have little storage space available, then an inflatable kayak will suit your needs. It can be quickly stored in a compact area.

Experienced kayakers may doubtrepparttar 148466 durability of inflatable kayaks, especially with regards to sea kayaking. Inflatable kayaks bode quite well onrepparttar 148467 sea. In fact, inflatable kayaks are puncture resistant. If a puncture does occur, then it can be patched up quickly. A puncture will not lead to a sinking kayak because ofrepparttar 148468 structure ofrepparttar 148469 inflatable kayak.

What type of inflatable kayak will best suit your kayaking needs? There are several brands and models of inflatable kayaks to choose from. Do you want speed or stability in your kayak? If you desire speed then a long, slender kayak will be a good option. If stability weighs on your decision then a short, wide kayak will be an effective match. There are more detailed factors to consider such as payload capacity. Consult an inflatable kayak specialist before purchasing your kayak.

Hiking from Your Own Home

Written by Monica Marty

Picture this. You are stuck at home knee deep in household chores. Your mind wanders from taking outrepparttar trash to hiking on a scenic trail with heart pumping terrain. You are an avid hiker and yearn to strap on your hiking gear and hitrepparttar 148463 trails. Unfortunately, a hiking trail adventure is not inrepparttar 148464 cards for you today, but you can findrepparttar 148465 next best thing by logging onto your computer.

The Internet is filled with interesting websites dedicated to hiking and outdoor sports. Many hiking websites are packed with information about hiking gear, trails, and hiking vacation. However, you want more then just basic information. You desire to connect with other hikers. You are hungry for more information, experience, andrepparttar 148466 friendship of other hikers. Seek no further than hiking discussion boards and forums onrepparttar 148467 Internet. You can swap hiking stories with pals from aroundrepparttar 148468 globe. Discussion boards and forums allow you to ask hiking questions and receive many insightful answers and perspectives. Most importantly, you will feel a part ofrepparttar 148469 hiking community even when you are unable to make it out torepparttar 148470 trails.

There are a myriad of hiking discussion boards and forums to participate in. New forums pop up everyday as more and more people link up torepparttar 148471 global community onrepparttar 148472 Internet. Some discussion boards and forums are free while others require a small fee. The key is to take advantage ofrepparttar 148473 personalized forums and learn from fellow hikers. Often times you will hearrepparttar 148474 “true” story regarding hiking gear, trails, and vacations.

For example, you are interested in taking a hiking trip out West. You’ve scanned through different websites for information, but you want an insider’s guide torepparttar 148475 trip. Read through discussion boards as many forum members can provide an unbiased account of their trip as opposed to a hiking advertisement that depictsrepparttar 148476 hiking vacation as spectacular. The “true” story may not always be negative, in fact it may be better then advertisements claim. You can also garner tips fromrepparttar 148477 discussion board to make your hiking adventurerepparttar 148478 best it can be.

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