The Value of Conferences for the Independent Publisher/Author

Written by Maxine Thompson

Copyright 2005 Black Butterfly Press

Dr. Maxine Thompson

I often hear many writers lament, ďI only sold 7 books at a conference,Ē and they sound very disappointed. But they are missingrepparttar hidden value of conferences. Itís not just aboutrepparttar 149502 books you sell, but aboutrepparttar 149503 connections and relationships you form.

For example, I know a writer (whom I can proudly say I coached through 2 books,) who will now be teaching at a well-known university from one of these small conferences. Someone atrepparttar 149504 Power Point presentation she delivered heard her speak and asked for her to become an instructor at their school.

As for my opportunities from conferences, Iíve written for Final Call, an International magazine, and garnered national attention through radio interviews on shows such as Tom Popeís and Dr. Jeff Gardereís. Furthermore, I have been able to conduct workshops nationally, and speak at large conferences. I not only have sold books atrepparttar 149505 back ofrepparttar 149506 room, I have gained new clients for my literary services or my literary agency at conferences. My biggest opportunity came from being called and asked to host my own radio show on in December 2001. I have been hosting Internet radio shows since then.

As a writer/publisher, I think it would behoove any writer, self-published or not, to attendrepparttar 149507 BEA and other conferences, regardless of how big or small. These are just some ofrepparttar 149508 benefits when you attend these events:

Visibility Support Networking Exposure for your books (such as with librarians, book stores, universities, book clubs) Reach large crowds Possible book deal for writers who want them Finding an agent Increased respect forrepparttar 149509 industry Increased respect for yourself as a writer/publisher Gain future speaking engagements Gain radio, TV or Internet interviews. Gain paying clients for your business Build your mailing list and opt-in list Understanding of trends inrepparttar 149510 industry Open doors to new opportunities, such as hosting your own TV or radio show.

Self Promotion Brings Business Success

Written by Wendy Maynard

Copyright 2005 Kinesis, Inc.

Your business success depends on your ability to promote your services, your products, and yourself. Fortunately, promotion is simple. I hate selling. "But, I'm not a born salesperson," you say. "I don't want to hustle people." And, images of high-pressure, arm-twisting solicitors come to mind. But, that doesn't have to be you. You're not pushing your services/products onto others; people will buy them because they need them and because they have a relationship with you. It'srepparttar personal connection you make with your prospects that will help them remember you, and like you.

Self-promotion doesn't come easily to everyone. But, to grow your business, you must market your services and your products everyday. Your selling job consists of two things: First, making people aware of your services/products and second, making it easy for them to do business with you. Here are some easy marketing tips:

1. Evaluate your promotional materials: Are they consistent? Do they appear professional, yet personal? Your promotional materials should put your customers first, and discuss ways that you can help them. Write withrepparttar 149482 intent of creating value forrepparttar 149483 clients you serve. Use a professional agency to design your marketing message and refine your corporate identity. Keeprepparttar 149484 style, fonts, and colorsrepparttar 149485 same for your letters, brochures, and newsletters.

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