The Uniqueness of Missoni

Written by Sher Matsen

To Uniqueness of Angela Missoni stands her alone and away from any other designer. A garment designed by Angela easily is picked out of a line of impressive fashions.

Even though Angela Missoni had been involved inrepparttar family fashion business she was determined not to follow inrepparttar 150177 footsteps of her parent.

After having several career from managing a children’s playground to raising organic chickens, she was drawn back to her natural roots and began designing jewelry. Her father offered her a position inrepparttar 150178 company claiming thatrepparttar 150179 diversity could keep her working in her own department out ofrepparttar 150180 daily reaches of her parents.

Angela soon began designing fashion collections. Her collections were varied. One collection saw accessories added, another some knits, as she always battled to be unique and different.

One day her mother said she felt Angela’s lines should be what Missoni should be about.

Her desire is fueled by her uniqueness. She never wanted to be like any other designer. Angela prides herself in knowing that nothing else inrepparttar 150181 fashion world looks quite like a Missoni design.

Choosing The Right Foundation For You

Written by Gerti Soderquist

Choosing The Right Foundation For You

Foundation is a great tool to even out discoloration, help conceal minor skin flaws and give you a great base upon which to applyrepparttar rest of your makeup.

The most important factor in choosing a foundation is finding one that matches your skin color exactly. Buying a different shade to alter or improve your skin coloring only gives you an unflattering, unnatural appearance.

Foundation products are available in many forms and in many price ranges to suite your needs and budget. Drug store brands offer great prices, but finding a great shade match with no testers and poor lighting is difficult. Department stores brands are more expensive, but they haverepparttar 150106 advantage of providing free testers andrepparttar 150107 advice of a makeup specialist to help you chooserepparttar 150108 right color.

The "right" foundation matches your coloring exactly, so there are no telltale signs of demarcation between your jaw line and neck. Always checkrepparttar 150109 shade in daylight, to getrepparttar 150110 best shade match.

The easiest way to find a match is to apply what you believe are 3 close color matches directly to your jaw line - just draw a small swatch with your finger, of all 3 shades onto your skin. The best color for you isrepparttar 150111 color that looks invisible on your skin - ifrepparttar 150112 color shows darker or lighter, it's notrepparttar 150113 right shade for you. Be sure to checkrepparttar 150114 color is daylight to give you accurate results.

Foundation shades vary by manufacturer; so don't be afraid to test several different brands before you buy.

Next, you'll need to determine which foundation form is best for you, depending upon your skin type (i.e.; oily, dry) and how much coverage you need.

Oily - Oily/Combination Skin:

Stick with Oil-Free formulations of Liquid Foundations, Liquid to Powder Foundations and Mineral Powder Foundations, which are specifically formulated for oily and combination oily skin types.

If you don't want to shine, choose a foundation that has a "matte" or "oil free" finish. Don't apply a moisturizer prior to makeup application - as it will only serve to help your makeup "slide off", or evaporate duringrepparttar 150115 day.

A pre-makeup primer, like Alexis Vogel's Secret Perfection Primer de-shines oily complexions and makes foundation wear longer. Applying a loose powder after a liquid foundation application provides much longer wear - especially if you powder throughoutrepparttar 150116 day as needed.

Normal skin:

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