The Unholy Trinity or How the Inernet Got Its Wings!

Written by Titus Hoskins

The Internet, as most people know it, is history.

It just seems like yesterdayrepparttar Internet was just one big mass of wires and cables; a gloried file sharing warehouse with more than a few too many lines sticking out.

One enormous LAN party that just got out of hand - causing a ruckus and spilling out downrepparttar 135689 block and aroundrepparttar 135690 world. Creating too many millionaires for no good reason and causing too many sleepless nights surfingrepparttar 135691 neon pink.

The Internet quietly crept into every facet of our lives... no subject or topic was left unexplored in this binary medium. Suddenly, there it was,repparttar 135692 authority on everything. Our lives encyclopedia-ed to death by bits and bites.

Butrepparttar 135693 Internet has always been perceived as a connected medium; tied together by cables, servers and networks. Until now that is, because now everything has changed. And it's about time -repparttar 135694 Internet has been tied torepparttar 135695 ground for far too long - it's time for liberation. Independence Day. Bring it on!

The Internet is going Wireless - for real this time.

There were a few false starts; you can Bluetooth yourself silly, but you won't get much further than 30 feet or so. And wi-fi services have been around for a while but those were not really convenient, if you have to find something; it's not convenient. Finding a 'hot spot' isrepparttar 135696 space age equivalent of finding a 'needle in a haystack' - takes way too much time.

What changes things, what has finally givenrepparttar 135697 Internet its liberation?

Verizon Wireless 3G EV-DO (evolution-data optimized) and other companies offering similar services aroundrepparttar 135698 world. This new technology will change how we view and userepparttar 135699 world wide web. Verizon Wireless began commercial operations in Oct. of 2003 and is now expanding to over 125 million US consumers byrepparttar 135700 end of 2005.

It has really given us wireless Internet this time. It has or will turnrepparttar 135701 Internet into a truly wireless system. Devoid of any cables or lines; really make it omnipotent. It will be everywhere. No space within our biosphere will be withoutrepparttar 135702 Internet very soon.

For now Verizon Wireless or 3G is mainly located inrepparttar 135703 USA but this will quickly change as other 3G companies and systems start up to fulfillrepparttar 135704 demand. Wi-Fi may play a role too but will it gorepparttar 135705 way ofrepparttar 135706 'Beta'?

The Power of Topical Search Engines

Written by S. Housley

What are Topical Search Engines? Simply put, topical search engines are search engines focused on a specific industry, sector or topic.

While many marketers are scrambling for links, any links, an area that is often overlooked is topic-specific search engines. What many don't realize is that these engines do produce traffic, and they often contain traffic that is very targeted. Anyone who has takenrepparttar time to analyze weblogs and track sales sources will likely see that targeted traffic converts at a significantly higher rate than non-targeted traffic.

A savvy online marketer realizes that often,repparttar 135688 quality ofrepparttar 135689 visitor is far more important thanrepparttar 135690 quantity of visitors. Web marketers should focus their energies on attracting targeted traffic whenever possible.

For example, if you sell saddles, advertising on a site related to horses or advertising on a topical search engine like will bring significantly more sales than advertising on a generic web site or search engine.

Niche engines are considerably smaller than general search engines but they can still be quite lucrative. The small size of a niche or topic-specific engine ensures thatrepparttar 135691 there are few competitors, and advertisers are generally willing to pay a little more forrepparttar 135692 focused traffic. Advertisers appreciaterepparttar 135693 unique benefit of reaching a very targeted audience who have a higher likelihood of purchasing their product or service. As a result, topic-specific search engines and directories are a burgeoning market. There is far less competition in niche directories and dominating a specific market segment and establishing brand recognition is significantly easier.

It is virtual suicide to attempt to compete withrepparttar 135694 behemoth search engines like Google. Web-surfers are interested in simplicity and efficiency, which translates to as few clicks as possible. This is an area where Google really cannot compete with a topic-specific search engine. Creating a simple, clear navigational structure of related content while cross-promoting related products or services will increaserepparttar 135695 site's value.

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