The Undeniable Power of a Mastermind Group

Written by Murray Hughes

A Mastermind is a group of individuals who are joined in purpose. All bringing their collective talents and experiences torepparttar achievement of a common goal.

When people join together in a combined effort an extraordinary thing happens. A new mind is formed. It is notrepparttar 136304 mind of one ofrepparttar 136305 team members, it is a mind that exists only as a result of all members coming together, an additional mind, a group mind...

A Mastermind.

The Mastermind is greater thanrepparttar 136306 sum ofrepparttar 136307 minds ofrepparttar 136308 individuals inrepparttar 136309 group and from its efforts great things can be accomplished. Each member contributing torepparttar 136310 Mastermind can receive benefit far greater than could otherwise be generated fromrepparttar 136311 same efforts if working by themselves.

Nearly every great achievement or massive fortune in history has beenrepparttar 136312 product of a team of minds united in achievingrepparttar 136313 same goal. The American Declaration of Independence wasrepparttar 136314 result of a Mastermind, so was man's first powered flight andrepparttar 136315 first man into space and eventually torepparttar 136316 moon.

Spend time onrepparttar 136317 Internet and you will begin to notice that many ofrepparttar 136318 very successful marketers work in a group of 2 more and many ofrepparttar 136319 most successful products arerepparttar 136320 fruit of a mastermind group. This is becoming such a universal idea (first made popular by Napoleon Hill) that occasionally you will read an invitation to partake in a marketing group or program worded as an invitation to join a mastermind group.

Our Defining Moments

Written by Glen Gould

Do your recall your defining moment? Is there a spot somewhere in your life when you can look back and say, "yes, without a doubt, that one moment in my life determined who I am today"?

Individuals interested in personal development are often more likely to be able to locate a defining moment in their past, perhaps even several. Butrepparttar vast majority of people go through life withoutrepparttar 136288 awareness ofrepparttar 136289 power ofrepparttar 136290 defining moment. The majority of people are unaware there are defining moments.

What is a defining moment? It may not be what you think. A defining moment is a point in life when decision meets action. In a most dramatic example, a murderer's defining moment is that split second whenrepparttar 136291 decision is made to pullrepparttar 136292 trigger andrepparttar 136293 action is taken. Prior to pullingrepparttar 136294 trigger- that individual is not a murderer- after pullingrepparttar 136295 trigger- that person is defined as a murderer.

Let's hope none of us ever has that type of defining moment. Actually, we face defining moments more often that we realize. It is because we face them so frequently and so rapidly that we fail to recognize them for what they are.

For example, when someone pulls in front of us in traffic and we decide to flip themrepparttar 136296 finger; at that moment we have decided to be defined as rude. When we decide to tip twenty percent instead of fifteen, we have a defining moment. We have defined ourselves as good tippers. Examples of defining moments are endless and available forrepparttar 136297 interpretation. Use your imagination and find them in your everyday life.

The true power ofrepparttar 136298 defining moment is in repetition. In our traffic example, if one is cut off again and decides not to fliprepparttar 136299 finger, they may be defining themselves as tolerant. If they consistently fliprepparttar 136300 finger each and every time they are cut off, they are more likely to be defined as rude. When repetition becomes consistent, we create patterns that become habits. Habits become personality traits and these define who we are.

Every day we have defining moments that are created by action. Small or big these moments determine who we are to a large extent. What makes one defining moment more powerful than another?

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