The Ultimate Solution to Problems!

Written by June McHardy

The Ultimate Solution to Problems! 2001 June McHardy

It occurs to me that we, as individuals appear to be defined by our problems. The poor are defined by lack and limitation, scarcity and want. The ill are defined by pain and suffering, fear and worry. Evenrepparttar wealthy and successful are defined by how to diversify, where to invest,repparttar 123886 best use of their money and resources and even how to keep up their lifestyle. It must then follow thatrepparttar 123887 subject of problems and HOW WE DEAL WITH THEM should be a top priority.

I recently read a very thought provoking book on this subject by Wayne Dyer called, "There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem". The book is based onrepparttar 123888 premise that we are all part of a vast energy field ranging fromrepparttar 123889 higher energies such are light and thought allrepparttar 123890 way torepparttar 123891 lower energies - including our solid material world where our problems exist. This vast energy field has access to allrepparttar 123892 knowledge inrepparttar 123893 universe. It's all energy.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be beset with one problem after another? Or why when we try to fix a problem (lose weight, stop smoking, a troublesome relationship, etc.)repparttar 123894 harder we try,repparttar 123895 more difficult it gets? That's because we WORRY aboutrepparttar 123896 problem, we THINK aboutrepparttar 123897 problem, and VISUALIZErepparttar 123898 problem - and as a result of giving so much energy torepparttar 123899 problem, we manifest more and more problems in our lives. Remember, "As you THINK, so shall you be"!

According to Dr. Dyer, low frequencies of energy encompass negative feelings such as shame, guilt, depression, and fear. These emotions are what can weaken us and keep us mired inrepparttar 123900 unsatisfactory side of life. Dr. Dyer shows that we can raise ourselves up intorepparttar 123901 higher frequencies (where we find understanding, love, joy, and serenity), and where we can accessrepparttar 123902 spiritual solutions to our problems - and he gives us step by step strategies for accessing this higher energy, which essentially is spiritual power.

The Universal Laws that Create Your Future

Written by June McHardy

The Universal Laws that Create Your Future 2000 June McHardy

One ofrepparttar books that has been an important part of my life, shaping many of my thinking and planning processes was Bob Proctor's book, "You were Born Rich". The following is inspired by this book and includes direct quotes.

Dr. Wernher Von Braun, whom many considerrepparttar 123885 "father" ofrepparttar 123886 space program, was once quoted as saying "...I just can't envision this whole universe coming together without something like divine will. The natural laws ofrepparttar 123887 universe are so precise that we have no difficulty building a spaceship torepparttar 123888 moon and can timerepparttar 123889 flight withrepparttar 123890 precision of a fraction of a second."

Obviously, he possessed a tremendous understanding ofrepparttar 123891 laws ofrepparttar 123892 universe and he understood just how consistent and precise those laws are. One of those laws isrepparttar 123893 Law of Attraction and it is through this law that we will attract to ourselvesrepparttar 123894 people,repparttar 123895 ideas andrepparttar 123896 things we need in order to achieve our goals.

In order to understand how this law works, we need to realize that everything in this universe is in a constant state of vibration. The human body is one ofrepparttar 123897 most efficient electrical instruments inrepparttar 123898 entire universe. This is nothing new, since for many years, we have been readingrepparttar 123899 electrical impulses ofrepparttar 123900 brain (an EEG) as well as ofrepparttar 123901 heart (an ECG). In factrepparttar 123902 brain is really a vibratory instrument.

We have all heard people talk about vibrations, butrepparttar 123903 vast majority of people are not aware ofrepparttar 123904 connection between their vibrations and their results in life. It's very common to see people with "bad vibes" trying very hard to get good results, while atrepparttar 123905 same time, their negative vibrations are drawing to them all manner of negative people and situations.

The good news is that any time that we find ourselves in a negative mind frame we can CHANGE these vibrations.

Bob Proctor, in his book "Born Rich" uses an acorn as a graphic example of howrepparttar 123906 law of attraction works. He tells us to visualize this acorn and understand that it, like anything else that appears solid, is really a mass of molecules at a very high speed of vibration. Withinrepparttar 123907 acorn isrepparttar 123908 nucleus or patterned plan which dictatesrepparttar 123909 vibratory rate and also governsrepparttar 123910 end-product into which it will grow.

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