The Ultimate Sales Organization

Written by Chris Bradford & Brande McCreee

The Ultimate Sales Organization

If you want a great sales organization to emulate, you only have to look as far as your local church. Consider these points:

PRODUCT OR SERVICE: What does a church have to offer, but faith? They sell faith to millions of members nationwide. This is not a tangible. It is not even like a life insurance policy. A life insurance policy leaves money for your family when you are gone. Faith leaves only hope. If they can get people to buy faith alone, shouldn't you be able to sell people your opportunity or products?

FREE DISTRIBUTORS: Religious organizations have many thousands of organization members out beatingrepparttar bushes each week, trying to bring in new recruits. Best of all, they do all this without compensation! If religious organizations can fire up thousands of people to go out and promote their interests for free, why is it you have so many problems firing up your downline when they get paid for their efforts?

How is it a religious organization is able to accomplish these feats? It is simple. They have it down to a system. One that has been tried and proven for centuries.

Take your typical church service. Almost all of them arerepparttar 122595 same. They start out with singing to getrepparttar 122596 crowd fired up and motivated. Then they immediately hit them withrepparttar 122597 collection plate, whenrepparttar 122598 excitement ofrepparttar 122599 singing will insure they are willing to giverepparttar 122600 most. They then follow up withrepparttar 122601 sermon, which usually has a fiery message and a strong close, and then almost beg those who are willing to join to come on down and sign up!

Why is it most church services are so similar? Because, it works! Wouldn't this be a good model for an opportunity meeting? Of course,repparttar 122602 singing might be a little awkward, but you could replace it with a very strong motivational speaker.

YOUR MISSION, if you choose to accept it, Kunle...

Written by Gary Harvey to deliver a ton of high grade business training torepparttar computers of thousands of operators in locations all aroundrepparttar 122594 world... ...and to do so with as much efficiency and excitement as possible." "I accept", saidrepparttar 122595 young Russian entrepreneur. Not so very long ago. And he has *just* delivered! Here is your 'Secret Report' on Phase 1.

------------------------------------ SECRET REPORT - 'FOR YOUR EYES ONLY' ------------------------------------ 1. Product Name: AutoResponder Gold, Volume 1. 2. Name ofrepparttar 122596 Concept Inventor: Kunle Olomofe, Moscow. 3. His Background: Previous internet marketing achievements include two websites (, and two run-away successful ebooks ("Pricing Secrets" and "It's Time To Kick Butt & Make Money"). 4. Purpose of AutoResponder Gold: - To meetrepparttar 122597 growing marketplace demand for reliable information about making money online. - To exposerepparttar 122598 'secrets' ofrepparttar 122599 online rich and famous to those who want to be. - To generate cashflow for astute distributors. - To teach others how to create and promote their own free email course. 5. How That Purpose Was Achieved: - Approach leading internet marketers and passionate promoters from all overrepparttar 122600 web wide world, inviting them to tell their stories and share their systems Done! - Then userepparttar 122601 explosive power and ripple effect ofrepparttar 122602 word "free" Done! - Then pack 50 offers into one instant-download ebook

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