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A long hard day at work. You get home and need dinner. Nothing inrepparttar fridge, nothing inrepparttar 113116 cupboard. Take-out again, but you just can’t decide what to have as you are tired of ordering fromrepparttar 113117 same old places.


Once you arrive at home… or better yet atrepparttar 113118 office before you leave… now you have www.menuserve.comrepparttar 113119 ultimate resource in finding takeout and delivery in your local area.

Whats at menuserve? How about complete restaurant menus to allrepparttar 113120 local restaurants in your area. Better yet sorted by town and cuisine to help narrow your selection.

It truly is that easy. With just a few clicks ofrepparttar 113121 mouse, a delicious and different meal can be coming to your doorstep.

Happy Ordering!

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Helen's Rustic Mash Potato Recipe

Written by Helen Porter

Rustic Mash Potato - makes enough for 4 dinner portions

Take 6 large baked potatos Scrub and wash well Take a baking tray and rub lightly with butter and then put a light dusting of cracked sea salt overrepparttar whole tray Rollrepparttar 113115 baked potatos inrepparttar 113116 tray, then place in a pre heated oven at 220 degrees Half way through cooking rollrepparttar 113117 potatos over They should take 1hour and 45 minutes and you should be able to put a knife easily though a potato Once cooked takerepparttar 113118 potato out ofrepparttar 113119 oven and leave to cool for 10 mins. Cut them in half and scraperepparttar 113120 potato into a large mixing bowl Whilerepparttar 113121 potatos are cooling, heat half a pack of butter at half meltin point add 1/4 pint of milk torepparttar 113122 butter. Take offrepparttar 113123 heat oncerepparttar 113124 butter has melted intorepparttar 113125 milk.

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