The Ultimate Free Google Ranking Tool

Written by Torgeir Sunnarvik

The first months my website was online,I was constantly checking repparttar search engines to see if my site was listed underrepparttar 139555 keywords that I was targeting. And always withrepparttar 139556 same negative results.

The truth is thatrepparttar 139557 keywords that you are targeting are often not showing your siterepparttar 139558 first months at all onrepparttar 139559 first 200 search listings. OK,if you try to get your site listed for hoooohjgaagga or something like that,it could get you a first place in no time. But who wants to target that keyword?

In fact, I get a lot more traffic from keywords that I haven't thought of using as a keyword inrepparttar 139560 first place. One tool that I have found online can easily show yourepparttar 139561 keywords that your site is ranking well for.

You can find it at: Here you simply enter your domain name and hitrepparttar 139562 "Analyze Keyword" button. If you want to,you can changerepparttar 139563 different settings on this page before you hitrepparttar 139564 button.But I usually leave this at default.

RSS can keep you in the loop

Written by Allan Burns

When webmasters first hear about RSS they tend to concentrate onrepparttar promotional side of things. They want to know how it will bring more traffic to their site and get them higher rankings inrepparttar 139287 search engines. Webmasters always seem to ignorerepparttar 139288 fact that RSS can be used to keep up to date with your field of interest with little effort and saving you precious time. Time you could be spending promoting your site.

If you are a webmaster one ofrepparttar 139289 most time consuming activities is keeping up to date with what is going on in your field of interest. Usually you would be trawlingrepparttar 139290 search engines, visitingrepparttar 139291 forums and frequenting websites that cover your area of interest as well as sites of you competition. This as you well know takes time. You have to visit each site, see if there is any new content and then read it. What you need is a way for all this information to be gathered into one place where you can quickly scan through any new information.

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