The Ultimate, “Must-Have” Home-Based Business for YOU a Underemployed, Unemployed, or Industrial Age Individual

Written by Paul Wilson II

Allow me to educate you onrepparttar issue of job security and paint you a picture of whatrepparttar 139094 aftermath can be if you remain comfortable at your regular job. Job security is an old-fashioned term that claimsrepparttar 139095 longer an employee worked for a particular company,repparttar 139096 more precious that person became. The employee was once valuable torepparttar 139097 company because they graduated from college, got a degree, and/or had determination for hard labor. Inrepparttar 139098 past, it was all right to become comfortable with your position. In today’s society, being comfortable isrepparttar 139099 wrong thing to do and actually, it’s a trap. This trap isrepparttar 139100 reason why people with college degrees are without jobs andrepparttar 139101 good workers are alwaysrepparttar 139102 first ones released from a professional setting. I am a Housekeeper forrepparttar 139103 Home at Hearthstone, a nursing home in Cincinnati, Ohio. I work from 7 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. for $8.40 per hour. The wages that I make alone, tells you that I am working at a dead-end job and receiving paychecks that don’t reflect a thorough performance. I am an underemployed 19 year old-male who attends college and makes good grades. Graduating from college might raise my income level slightly, but it will not secure me a job. I am among millions of individuals who like their jobs and work very hard at their occupations. I am also among many Americans who believe that in order to maintain my job; I must show up to work everyday on time, listen to my supervisor and do a complete and thorough job. These three things combined will not keep you your job. If you continue to hold that belief, you’ll find yourself in debt, have bad credit, and lose your house and other financial obscurities. Losing what you have worked hard for all your life is not a great feeling! What I am about to tell you is very important and will save you time or otherwise, reality will slap you inrepparttar 139104 face! Job Security has departed from this world permanently. Knowing that job security is dead, what can YOU do to create a substantial income? YOU need to do two things. First, decide that you want to work for yourself. Second, takerepparttar 139105 initiative to start your own business. Either you can work for someone

Home Internet Business...How Do I Start?

Written by Terry Till

Working from home and especially onrepparttar internet is fast becomingrepparttar 138901 preferred choice for many people worldwide, no longer are we tied down to our office desks and facing that daily Monday to Friday routine of rising early to beatrepparttar 138902 early morning traffic jam.

Withrepparttar 138903 advent ofrepparttar 138904 World Wide Web more and more people are now looking at starting a work from home business and opportunities are forever being proposed to us either on web sites that we visit or in our emails.

When looking for a home business what should we be particularly looking for to ensure that we have at least a fighting chance of success online.

First point I would consider isrepparttar 138905 product or servicerepparttar 138906 company is selling is there a market for it and if so isrepparttar 138907 market already filled to capacity with other companies sellingrepparttar 138908 same items.

Secondly, what do I have to do to succeed and realistically make a living from being involved with this company and its products or services? Does it require me to just sell its products and services or am I required to build a team as in multi level marketing.

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