The Ugly American Returns

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

Originally published in 1958, "The Ugly American" (Lederer & Burdick) documented American blunders abroad and our failure to identify that what we termed communism in undeveloped countries was merelyrepparttar screams of hunger and hopelessness becoming manifest. 15 years later, we extricated ourselves from Vietnam and licked our wounds for 30 years, finally coming to some sort of accommodation with free fire zones, Agent Orange, and My Lai. Never again, we swore. We would protect our nation's security but only move into war zones when gross injustice or humanitarian concerns demanded a response -- Somalia, Bosnia,repparttar 125913 first Gulf War.

We felt relief: a line inrepparttar 125914 sand had been drawn that we would not cross. The new American protocol called for self-protection but also restraint, a hint of nobility, andrepparttar 125915 belief that, above all, we wererepparttar 125916 primary bastion of freedom, diversity, andrepparttar 125917 rule of law.

September 11 shook that hard-fought-for ideal. No longer must we simply protect our borders but now we had to look around us wherever we were - atrepparttar 125918 stranger waiting for a train,repparttar 125919 sweating, swarthy fellow traveler atrepparttar 125920 airport,repparttar 125921 foreigners inrepparttar 125922 upstairs apartment.

We felt betrayed. The quid pro quo of "You leave us alone and we'll leave you alone" went awry. Those who hate us were intruding into our private space. We felt violated. In a predictable reaction, we struck out, seekingrepparttar 125923 enemy inrepparttar 125924 hills and caves of Afghanistan where our agony had been meticulously planned with premeditation and cold indifference to our pain.

For two years, we slowly revised our goals, our ideals, our national commitments. Our outraged sense of self, revulsion, and anger gradually overcame our democratic belief inrepparttar 125925 rights of all to national self-determination. To fightrepparttar 125926 enemy, we became him. We adopted his mindset ofrepparttar 125927 ends justifiesrepparttar 125928 means. Angry and frustrated at his ability to strike at our very heart and make our world fearful and dangerous, we morphed into him, using offense as a means of defense againstrepparttar 125929 terrifying vulnerability we feared to face.

Custer and Keogh (Lincoln's Assassination too)

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

General George Armstrong



Colonel Myles


By Robert Bruce Baird


Tacitusrepparttar historian said: "So obscure arerepparttar 125912 greatest events; as some take for granted any hearsay whatever its source, others turn truth into falsehood and both errors are encouraged with posterity.”

"That spiritual power I wear is much more beautiful and much greater. We call it wisdom, knowledge, power and gift or love. There are these four parts to that spiritual power. So I wear those. When you wear that power it will beautify your mind and spirit. You become beautiful. Everything that Tunkashila creates is beautiful." --Wallace Black Elk, LAKOTA

“The law in its majestic equality forbidsrepparttar 125913 rich as well asrepparttar 125914 poor to sleep under bridges, to beg inrepparttar 125915 streets and to steal bread.” – Anatole France. Inrepparttar 125916 words of Samuel Johnson, "Patriotism isrepparttar 125917 last refuge of a scoundrel." "Forty Years ago I fought Custer till all were dead. I was thenrepparttar 125918 enemy ofrepparttar 125919 Whitemen. Now I amrepparttar 125920 friend and brother, living in peace together underrepparttar 125921 flag of our country." — Two Moons, Northern Cheyenne "Anyone who is willing to liverepparttar 125922 life I have led can dorepparttar 125923 things I do." -Fools Crow


Why wererepparttar 125924 Indians armed better thanrepparttar 125925 men underrepparttar 125926 command of someone who had Presidential aspirations?

After watching a Learning Channel show that proved that point through forensic and archaeological analysis a lot of questions came to my mind inrepparttar 125927 summer of 2004. I am related to Colonel Myles Keogh and our family history will be a starting point for many considerations not commonly heard or seen about Custer and Keogh. I might even wonder out loud aboutrepparttar 125928 assassination of Lincoln and other corruption and intrigues includingrepparttar 125929 founding ofrepparttar 125930 Ku Klux Klan by a rogue Masonic devil worship cult. In fact you will not believerepparttar 125931 truth you might see on these pages if you are a person who believesrepparttar 125932 stuff you read in school or hear onrepparttar 125933 news most every night. Fox News Corporation’s owner says none of his employees can say anything he doesn’t agree with – should we spell it Faux News? I am notrepparttar 125934 first person to wonder if Custer was in hot water due to his support ofrepparttar 125935 Indians and his exposure ofrepparttar 125936 cronies who put Grant in office. Here is a little part of a review of a semi-fictional book on Custer which suggests exactly what I am trying to understand and which I hoperepparttar 125937 readers will see is all too commonplace in our society.

“How could this colorful historical figure have allowedrepparttar 125938 events that brought his untimely end? Was it only political intrigue? We know President Grant {Meaning or including Martinists that became Skull & Bonesmen and Tammany Hall.} had an unbridled animosity toward Custer because he helped exposerepparttar 125939 Grant administration’s callous indifference torepparttar 125940 plight ofrepparttar 125941 Plains Indians.” (1)

Keogh was a made man inrepparttar 125942 inner sanctum of power. His importance to General Buford duringrepparttar 125943 Civil War followed onrepparttar 125944 heels of his Papal commendation after having fought alongside his fellow Irishmen, who he led in Italian wars withrepparttar 125945 Vatican Army. His grave-tending paramour is none other thanrepparttar 125946 New York Governor’s daughter in a time when Tammany Hall ruled all aspects of politics in America. You will see that a Martin name appears onrepparttar 125947 marriage certificate of my paternal grandparents. You might think it is a romantic tale as you hear about how she tended his grave untilrepparttar 125948 day she died in Auburn, New York. You might wonder whose daughter it was that she cared for and came torepparttar 125949 wedding in Toronto to give away. I cannot say for sure thatrepparttar 125950 child was her grandchild as I start researching this matter in greater detail.

It is possible that she cared for a part Mandan Indian girl that Myles fathered inrepparttar 125951 many trips he and Custer took amongrepparttar 125952 Indians. It is almost certain that he would have been sexually active because he was known to enjoyrepparttar 125953 ladies. The child would then have had a child and this Ms. Della Martin would possibly have cared forrepparttar 125954 child ifrepparttar 125955 parent died or if she was its grandmother. It is also possible that it wasrepparttar 125956 offspring of Keogh’s brother’s children but that does not seem likely due torepparttar 125957 grave-tending and other things I discovered. You will have to endure a lot of my explorations and make many of your own if we are to learn all we can aboutrepparttar 125958 man andrepparttar 125959 intrigues that have spawned thousands of books. “Myles probably returned to Ireland inrepparttar 125960 summer of 1874, as his Aunt Mary had died leaving him Clifden in her will. It is accepted amongst his family in Ireland that he became engaged to Nelly Martin around this time, but no positive proof exists atrepparttar 125961 moment.” (2)

The Indians had a world of respect for these men who were learning just how corruptrepparttar 125962 government handling of them had been. The Mandans are white blooded people from before Columbus andrepparttar 125963 Sioux haverepparttar 125964 unique Haplogroup X marker ofrepparttar 125965 Kelts or white Caucasians which modern genetics proves goes back intorepparttar 125966 earliest times of white people on earth, some 30,000 years ago. Lincoln is probably a Melungeon and they are people who escaped Empire before Columbus’s invasion of paradise as well. Lincoln had a potential Vice Presidential running mate named Ignatius Donnelly who knew a lot about these things as he wroterepparttar 125967 best-selling book on Atlantis in his era. There are many undercurrents I could go into great detail about in reference to Lincoln andrepparttar 125968 whole American Experiment.

It is my perception that Keogh gave his Papal medals to Sitting Bull and notrepparttar 125969 crap other historians say about Keogh's body being saved from mistreatment (and his horse beingrepparttar 125970 only survivor) because ofrepparttar 125971 protection of some Christian Pope's medals. “Captain Edward Luce does not think that this medal was found on Keogh's body, but Lt. Godfrey - who was present - told artist E. S. Paxson in 1896 that it had not been removed. Trumpeter Martini,repparttar 125972 last man to get out, insisted Benteen tookrepparttar 125973 medal. Certain historians provide Keogh with two medals: one around his neck, another in his pocket. This is conceivable becauserepparttar 125974 Pope awarded him, as a mark of special favour,repparttar 125975 Cross ofrepparttar 125976 Order of St. Gregory. Whateverrepparttar 125977 exact truth most scholars agree that he hadrepparttar 125978 Pope's medal, and that it kept his corpse from being abused. But this sounds illogical, as most Catholics in this army would not have been wearing religious emblems.”(3) But inrepparttar 125979 process of researching this book I found Martinist intrigues that may have included both Sitting Bull and Keogh (if not Custer) which will upset a lot of people. The assassination of Lincoln is part of this and it leads to other books I now must do.

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