The Tuareg Cross of Agadez

Written by Casonia Smith-King

The Tuareg are a nomadic tribe which live in and aboutrepparttar Sahara Desert region of Africa. They are reknowned Silversmiths who also make quality one of a kind leather goods.

Traditionally,repparttar 125466 Tuareg craft in Silver because it is believed to have protective qualities. The Silver used traditionally is not Sterling Silver as we are accustomed to inrepparttar 125467 Western world, but a Nickel Silver found inrepparttar 125468 region whererepparttar 125469 tribe lives.

There are different cross designs representing villages throughout Niger, Africa. It is believedrepparttar 125470 crosses relate back to ancient times beforerepparttar 125471 Tuareg were influenced by Islam; a time when Christianity heavily influencedrepparttar 125472 people ofrepparttar 125473 region. Originally, when a male child reached puberty,repparttar 125474 crosses were passed down from father to son to showrepparttar 125475 village he was from. It is said thatrepparttar 125476 father would say torepparttar 125477 son: "My son, I give yourepparttar 125478 four corners ofrepparttar 125479 world, because one cannot know where one will die".

Today,repparttar 125480 crosses are used as adornment by men and women.

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