The Truth about Building a Business on the 'Net

Written by Angela Wu

We've all read claims of fast money;repparttar alluring siren-call ofrepparttar 117699 Internet 'get-rich-quick' scheme can be hard to resist.

Most of us have also heardrepparttar 117700 saying, "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is..." We know in our hearts that 'get-rich-quick' can't possibly work, yet we can't help but be intrigued by it.

Instead of pursuingrepparttar 117701 fruitless search for a quick and easy way to make money onrepparttar 117702 'net, drillrepparttar 117703 following into your brain right now: There is NO SUCH THING as 'get-rich-quick'. You CAN earn a solid income fromrepparttar 117704 Internet, if you're willing to put inrepparttar 117705 time, effort, and money.

Here's a quick summary for those of you who are thinking about starting a business online. Let's start withrepparttar 117706 disadvantages first, to get them out ofrepparttar 117707 way...

- Hard work and long hours. Just like any business, building one online requires a great deal of effort. Most people do it while still working a full-time job elsewhere; you may find it hard to keep doing what you have to do when you're always 'exhausted'. - Always changing. What works online today might not work tomorrow. When you do business onrepparttar 117708 'net you have to constantly 'keep up' or you may find profits beginning to lag. Educating yourself is a continuing process. If you hate change thenrepparttar 117709 Internet is probably not for you.

- Need to be able to cut throughrepparttar 117710 'hype'. You'll find plenty of misleading promises onrepparttar 117711 Internet, many of which will tell you that there's some sort of 'magic bullet' to getting sales. There isn't. Sorting through marketing techniques that work and those that don't can be very time-consuming.

- Definitely *not* a quick-rich-quick scheme! Regardless of what you may read,repparttar 117712 Internet is *not*repparttar 117713 path to quick, easy money and not everyone will be successful online. An online business contains an element of risk, just like any other business.

- "Build it and they will come" does NOT apply torepparttar 117714 'net. Your web page is only one of billions. Learning how to getrepparttar 117715 *right* people to see your site is a tough job.

- Persistence is vital to your success. Just like with any business, there's a lot to learn. It's very easy to give up and try something else online... but playing 'biz op tag' isn't going to help you make money any faster.

Organizing Your Incoming Email

Written by Janet L. Hall

Organizing Your Incoming Email By: Janet L. Hall

Everyday your electronic inbox is flooded with new email. Some of these emails might be spam or newsletters you have subscribed to. Yet other emails might be of importance and need your immediate attention, say from your boss, an order, a subscriber, a co-worker. Regardless of whom it is from you most likely receive email that needs to stand out fromrepparttar rest of your incoming email because you want to make sure it doesn't "slip" throughrepparttar 117698 cracks and it grabs your attention.

Did you know in most email programs (NOT AOL, sorry) you can color code your incoming emails?

Did you know in most email programs you can have certain emails automatically stored (moved) or copied into other folders, you've created, until you have time to read them?

Did you know you can have your email program automatically delete incoming email and you don't even have to look at it?

Did you know you could have an email from someone else to you automatically forwarded to someone else?

Did you know that you can automatically "follow" email conversations?

Knowing how to use and implementrepparttar 117699 following conditions of just one of these "rules" can help you keep your email organized and your attention on what's important.

It is sooo easy you will kick yourself for not knowing about these features, yet be thrilled to have discovered them.

Outlook Express: >>Open Outlook Express >>You must knowrepparttar 117700 person's email address or you can select from your address book >>Click on TOOLS atrepparttar 117701 top of your screen >>Move your Pointer to Message Rules; sliderepparttar 117702 Pointer over to Mail and Click >>Click New

You will be presented with a new window that has 12 Conditions and 12 Actions to choose from:

12 Conditions for Your Email Rules:

1. Whererepparttar 117703 From line contains people 2. Whererepparttar 117704 Subject line contains specific words 3. Whererepparttar 117705 message body contains specific words 4. Whererepparttar 117706 To line contains people 5. Whererepparttar 117707 CC line contains people 6. Whererepparttar 117708 To or CC line contains people 7. Whererepparttar 117709 message is marked as priority 8. Whererepparttar 117710 message is fromrepparttar 117711 specified account 9. Whererepparttar 117712 message size is more than size 10. Whererepparttar 117713 message has an attachment 11. Whererepparttar 117714 message is secure 12. For all messages

After you click on one ofrepparttar 117715 Conditions, you now must select one ofrepparttar 117716 twelve Actions for your rule.

Twelve Actions for Your Email Rules: 1. Move it torepparttar 117717 specified folder 2. Copy it torepparttar 117718 specified folder 3. Delete it 4. Forward it to people 5. Highlight it with color 6. Flag it 7. Mark it as read 8. Markrepparttar 117719 message as watched or ignored 9. Reply with message 10. Stop processing more rules 11. Do not Download it fromrepparttar 117720 server 12. Delete it fromrepparttar 117721 server

EDITORS NOTE: To view allrepparttar 117722 different options you will have to scroll down through your lists.

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