"The Truth Must Be Told!" - A Review of "Magic Words That Bring You Riches"

Written by Jerry Webb

I once heard someone define advertising as being "truth well told." By this brilliant definition, Ted Nicholas is an absolute genius because he knows how to dramatizerepparttar truth inrepparttar 101040 most compelling and memorable way. He does this simply by using choice words and phrases.

It's no wonder that sometime ago, Ted brainstormed a single headline for a newspaper advertisement, and it successfully pulled in over $75 million in sales over a period of several years. It's also no wonder that he achieved almost $25 million in direct mail sales of one of his books, and he is often calledrepparttar 101041 500 Million Dollar Man, having successfully marketed over $500 million worth of products in 49 different industries.

Does Ted Nicholas haverepparttar 101042 magic touch? No, but what he does have are magic words.

Ted claims that you are only 17 words away from making a fortune. He's convinced that his book, "Magic Words that Bring You Riches," will enable you to earn several hundred thousand dollars a year.

The book's promise was too fantastic to resist. So I finally got a hold of it, and after I read it, I truly wondered why it took me so long to find this amazing book.

The first few short chapters, which fall underrepparttar 101043 heading, "Magic Words that Get You Everything You Want in Life" may not be monumental -- but they're definitely useful in everyday life. I picked up a few "magic phrases" I didn't know, such as how to getrepparttar 101044 very best table in any restaurant; attractrepparttar 101045 opposite sex; have clients or employers clamoring to hire you; fly first class forrepparttar 101046 price of coach; or rent a Mercedes forrepparttar 101047 price of a Ford.

How To Maximize Your Profits From Pay-Per-Click Search Engines

Written by Trevor Levine

If you advertise on pay-per-click search engines -- like Overture.com -- here'srepparttar easiest way to minimize your risk and maximize your profits:

Visit Overture.com and click "Advertiser Login" atrepparttar 101039 upper left. Then, nearrepparttar 101040 lower left corner ofrepparttar 101041 page, click on Search Term Suggestion Tool.

Now here'srepparttar 101042 fun part: pick a keyword phrase that your prospects are searching on. For example, if you sell a business opportunity, you might pick "opportunity".

Type that keyword intorepparttar 101043 Search Term Suggestion Tool and clickrepparttar 101044 blue arrow. You instantly get to see all ofrepparttar 101045 keywords that Overture visitors searched on last month, how many searches were done on each word!

Why is this so valuable? At first, you might thinkrepparttar 101046 "secret" is to bid onrepparttar 101047 most popular keyword phrases ...repparttar 101048 ones that receiverepparttar 101049 most searches.

True, this will bring you lots of traffic, but it will also cost you a fortune! After all, these words are alsorepparttar 101050 most competitive. So they commandrepparttar 101051 highest bids. Atrepparttar 101052 time of this writing,repparttar 101053 #1 listing under "business opportunity" costs $1.36 per click!

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