The Truth About Telecom "Outsourcing"

Written by Karen Thatcher

When it comes to reducing company telecom expenses, more and more companies are beginning to consider outsourcing as a viable and intelligent option.

Although "outsourcing" seems to berepparttar buzzword these days, there are things you need to know and be aware of before you takerepparttar 150262 plunge and enter into a telecom outsourcing relationship.

What exactly is telecom outsourcing and how do you know when and if you even need to hand off your in-house tasks to an experienced specialist inrepparttar 150263 field?

To answer this, let's take a look atrepparttar 150264 different aspects of telecom outsourcing in more detail.

The 4 Main Areas of Telecom Outsourcing

1. Telemanagement

Outsourcing telemanagement tasks can be as simple as ordering a new line for a specific office or location, or handling moves/adds/changes for a multi-location conglomerate company.

You can think of most telemanagement tasks asrepparttar 150265 ones that your staff probably complains about or dislikes doingrepparttar 150266 most. (No one enjoys being put on hold for an hour with a carrier just to make a small change to an account or a bill.)

Adds, moves or changes to a bill or account, questions on a bill, ordering new service or features on existing service are all considered "telemanagement" activities that can be outsourced very inexpensively.

You should consider outsourcing telemanagement tasks if you have ever had any or all of these concerns or problems:

You are understaffed to deal with them and complete them in a timely manner; Problems that arise are not being solved correctly and/or efficiently; Company growth is making it less cost effective to handle telemanagement duties in-house;

2. Bill Management

Years ago companies (and individuals) paid one phone bill to one company each and every month. Those wererepparttar 150267 old days!

Today, companies now must pay local, long distance, wireless and internet bills to multiple vendors in multiple locations.

Bill management is an outsourcing function whereby ALL of your telecom bills go directly torepparttar 150268 outsourcing firm itself.

Telecom bills are paid, moves/adds/changes are implemented where necessary, and ideally a routine system of auditing is in place to keep bills "clean" from crams, slams, fraud and abuse, overbills, etc.

You should consider bill management outsourcing if you have these problems or concerns:

I like to be unreasonable

Written by Arvind kumar

“Progress is made by only unreasonable man” Gorge Bernard Shaw

Unusual is something people dislike to have in their life. It is a change design to after allrepparttar circumstances and environment around you. A reasonable person tries to adoptrepparttar 150199 world around. Once he gets settled, it is very painful to him when things suddenly start to alter. Status quo is broken. Geographical displacement cause personal inconvenience.

But every successful leader knows very well that change is imminent. You can’t sit for long on your laurels, GE, charmas; jack was given a sub name- “Neutron Jack”. He was one ofrepparttar 150200 most unusual leaders in business. He pullsrepparttar 150201 plug when GE was going very well. He sold profitable business. Jump into new Industry which has unseen future. Shownrepparttar 150202 door to many employees. But very few can argue that GE today isrepparttar 150203 mirror image of jack. With a market capitalization of $ 152 billion, it is one of rare Commercial Corporation to dominaterepparttar 150204 19 & 20th century almost 100 years.

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