The Truth About Paid Surveys

Written by Ken Murphy

Yes they exist, but it's not easy to getrepparttar surveys that pay big bucks like $50 and up. Most survey sites now award points for basic surveys and dollar or gift awards for more focused surveys. The best sites limitrepparttar 113244 number of participants and will regularly reject applicants who don't meet their current criteria. While it is unrealistic to expect to make a living taking surveys, there are some strategies you can use that will increase your chance of being selected to participate in a survey.

Beware of survey scams. If a survey site wants money from you, just leaverepparttar 113245 site. Legitimate survey companies do not ask you for money. Also survey companies will not ask for personal information about your bank account numbers, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, and other highly sensitive information when you take a survey. The only legitimate reason for any survey company to request your Social Security number would be if it issues an IRS-1099 form, for tax purposes. A survey site will ask a lot of questions about you, your family and your buying patterns, so if you don't like to give out much personal information, don't sign-up for surveys.

Signing Up for Surveys

It takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes to sign up with a survey site. You will be asked a number of questions about your sex, age, living situation, buying patterns, race, income, and other questions to build a profile. When these surveys inquire aboutrepparttar 113246 types of products and services you use, make sure you look overrepparttar 113247 choices carefully. If you can only select a few, it might limitrepparttar 113248 number of surveys you will get to take. The same is true if too many people who fit your profile sign-up. Some survey sites give you a free form area and will usually ask you to describe something unique about yourself or your interests. Use these forms to showcase your writing skills and write about a hobby or some other activity. Many surveys will ask respondents to describerepparttar 113249 things about a product or service that were appealing or unappealing. They may even ask for specific details ofrepparttar 113250 participants impressions. The ability to write a coherent sentence could influence survey companies to use you, because ofrepparttar 113251 quality of your input.

Qualifying Questions

All surveys qualify potential participants. The first few questions of a survey are used to determine demographic factors. If your response does not fit their survey target audience,repparttar 113252 survey usually terminates. Qualifying questions could be about whether or not you work for a certain company or industry or if you use a certain product or service. This is a hint of whatrepparttar 113253 survey is about. For example, if a survey asks if you work for a chocolate maker, chances arerepparttar 113254 survey has something to do with chocolates. Readrepparttar 113255 questions and carefully considerrepparttar 113256 choices. Ifrepparttar 113257 survey asks if you arerepparttar 113258 primary purchaser of cereal and you respond no because your better half buys it, you'll be disqualified for those type of surveys. Be honest, but be alert to questions that could affect your qualifications to takerepparttar 113259 survey.

Disqualified? Don't Despair! Some survey sites might reject you outright or you might not make it pastrepparttar 113260 qualifier questions. If you are rejected when you try to sign-up, simply bookmarkrepparttar 113261 site and try again in a week or two. You might get a different set of qualifier questions that could make you eligible forrepparttar 113262 survey. In many cases, these companies could be looking for a specific type of respondent. It could be that they are just looking for blonde 18-24 females. In many cases, it could be one day to several weeks before a survey company contacts you after registering. That's why it's important to register with a number of survey sites.

Sign Up With More than One Survey Company

Before you join any survey site, read overrepparttar 113263 FAQ and Terms, Check to see ifrepparttar 113264 site pays cash, points, prizes, or a combination ofrepparttar 113265 three. Look at their payout policies, pay particular attention to how they payout. Some sites may only payout after you've accumulated so many points or dollars and you will have to requestrepparttar 113266 payout.

Get Paid to Complete Offers and Shop

Written by Gerardas Norkus

I think everyone knows about PTRE (Paid To Read Email) opportunities today.

For those who don't know how PTRE companies work here's a short explanation:

1. You sign up with a PTRE company, e.g. (plus you usually receive a free sign-up bonus). 2. Advertisers send you emails according to your selected interests. If you click on paid links you get paid about $0.01 - $0.10. 3. You can also refer your friends and make referral commissions when they read paid emails fromrepparttar PTRE company. 4. You get paid when you reach PTRE company's payout minimum.

The problem is with PTRE sites you are paid only $0.01 - $0.10 for each email, and it could take years for you to reachrepparttar 113243 payout minimum, unless you refer hundreds of your friends and earn good referral commissions.

If you would like to earn cash fast I highly recommend to join companies that pay you to complete offers and shop.

You can earn several hundred dollars, reach your payout minimum and request your paymentrepparttar 113244 same day with these companies.

No kidding!

These companies have all kinds of products and services (offers) from their advertisers - books, credit cards, CDs, DVDs, health products etc. When you sign up for any of their offers you get paid not $0.01 - $0.10 like it is with paid email, but you can earn up to $30 for completing a single offer!

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