The Truth About Multi-Level Marketing Programs

Written by Jay Harris

Multi-level marketing is a fancy name currently being used by some companies in an effort to do two things.

The first objective is to move products from their warehouses, and thus increase their sales volume. The second objective is to recruit "an army" of commission-only sales people. Make no mistake about it! After you've stripped allrepparttar hoopla and falderal away from these "super money-making opportunities",repparttar 148182 bottom line remainsrepparttar 148183 same - you make money from commissions allowed fromrepparttar 148184 sale of products.

Generally speaking, very few people have any "real" sales experience, and thus, if offeredrepparttar 148185 opportunity to take a job as a commission-only sales person, they'd run from it likerepparttar 148186 devil.

Atrepparttar 148187 same time, most commission-only sales positions are "direct selling" opportunities. And,repparttar 148188 definition of direct selling begins with an explanation of what a door-to-door sales person does.

Don't get me wrong... A lot of personal fortunes have been amassed by commission-only sales people... For sure, when you attempt to sell by mail, you're almost always involved in commission selling, and direct selling.

What I'm saying is that most people are "duped" into joining multi-level marketing programs without understanding that it is commission sales and at least a form of door-to-door selling.

Worse than "duping you into joining their programs..." Almost all multi-level marketing companies subtly encourage you to breakrepparttar 148189 law, and runrepparttar 148190 risk of huge monetary fines, long terms in prison, or both!

This is done by at least, "inferring" that if you will find a number of people to duplicate what you're doing, and in turn encourage each new enrollee to keeprepparttar 148191 system going, everybody will get rich!

No so, my friend! That's a "Ponzi Scheme", and if you don't really understand what a Ponzi Scheme is - allow me a moment to explain: Such a scheme is any kind of money-making opportunity where you get paid by recruiting, enlisting or soliciting other people to follow your lead and continue a chain of events. In other words, you'll be paid a commission fromrepparttar 148192 people you recruit -1; formrepparttar 148193 people they recruit -2; fromrepparttar 148194 people they recruit-3; and on into infinity.

This isrepparttar 148195 "secret" impact that most multi-level marketing companies use to induce you to buy into their program. Such practices are illegal, and subject to federal laws which could destroy you. So called, bi-level marketing plans arerepparttar 148196 same thing, as are chain letters, and people-helping people clubs. They're all based uponrepparttar 148197 Ponzi Scheme. If you have any doubts, take your money-making opportunity and sit down with your local postmaster and discuss it's legality.

Judging The Entrants In The MLM Parade

Written by Jay Harris

Multi-level marketing may berepparttar opportunity ofrepparttar 148181 2000's. Many fortune have been made, and many, many more will be made by this simple marketing method. But it seems there are many people who have given MLM a sincere effort and still not have their effort rewarded. There are many reasons for most of them relating torepparttar 148182 person's personal abilities andrepparttar 148183 quality and price ofrepparttar 148184 product being sold. There are ways to overcome those problems and make MLM work for you, and here is whatrepparttar 148185 greats inrepparttar 148186 field have done to achieve their incredible incomes.

1. Sell only quality products at fair prices. The company supplyingrepparttar 148187 product must be reputable and offer prompt service.

2. Choose specific items or product lines that sell for under $20 and will lead to later sales ofrepparttar 148188 same item torepparttar 148189 same person.

3. Showrepparttar 148190 product and give brochures to absolutely everyone you know from your brother to your meter reader torepparttar 148191 person atrepparttar 148192 gas company who opens your check envelope. These people will eventually come to you.

4. When usingrepparttar 148193 mails to distribute brochures, always add a personal note written in pen, with each one, encouraging them to readrepparttar 148194 material and outlining what you know about their business that makes your opportunity so good for them. Get them to readrepparttar 148195 literature. Personal sales notes are incredibly powerful tools.

5. When usingrepparttar 148196 mails, be careful about using mailing lists. Most commercial lists are overpriced and pull much more poorly than advertised. It is wiser to advertise your opportunity in magazines with classified sections, especially those with other MLM ads.

6. Contact as many people as you can in a 24-hour day. You will not get rich by getting others to make you rich. You will get rich by being successful yourself and by showing others your success and your success will only come through action.

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