The Truth About Government Auctions

Written by Robert Smethers

Are you interested in purchasing used government personal property--items such as vehicles, tools, machinery or office equipment? The government tries to stretch our tax dollar by selling what they no longer need torepparttar public and business. This is now done online and they have five locations across America in which they hold these auctions and you can pick your vehicles. They still hold some actions torepparttar 145052 public at these locations. All that is required is registering and having a credit card. Your best option when it comes to dealing withrepparttar 145053 government is to be informed. There are too many misleading advertising agents trying to make money from free information. It is buyer beware when it comes to buying information. This is a list of most abused information on government grants. ·Auctions ·Cars and Transportation ·Loans and Investments ·Real Estate ·Souvenirs/Books/Gifts ·Supplies and Equipment Here isrepparttar 145054 truth of some ofrepparttar 145055 things you can purchase from this federal grant program.

Coming Soon - You're Outsourced, Too!

Written by John McKee

How do you feel about outsourcing jobs?

Whether for it or against it, most people I speak to have fairly strong feelings about its use. Some hope that regulations or changes torepparttar tax codes will stop businesses from using it. They hope to see fewer local jobs lost as a a result. Others see it asrepparttar 145013 only way to compete in a global economy and save their enterprise. I believe it is going to become increasingly more prevalent. Further, it's going to takerepparttar 145014 jobs from many people who have so far escaped its impact. Beyondrepparttar 145015 traditional roles and job grade levels, outsourcing - and in particular off shoring - is about to impact North America's businesses and our economy as dramatically as anything inrepparttar 145016 past. If you think that because of your education, management level or profession you are untouchable - you're naive. It'srepparttar 145017 Future All Over Again ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Inrepparttar 145018 the late 1970s, I started traveling to Asia to meet with companies and local government agencies willing to set up factories in those countries. My goal was to have them make various products (shoes, accessories, glassware, clothing, microwave ovens) for sale in North America. I went there because I thought they could manufacture my goods for far less money than on this side ofrepparttar 145019 ocean. It worked very well. Throughoutrepparttar 145020 decade, Asian factories and economies grew as many other companies followed this approach. Later, inrepparttar 145021 early 1990's I appliedrepparttar 145022 same financial logic to increase margins in other industries. I became involved with customer service work which was done overrepparttar 145023 phone and realized good profit improvements and improved levels of customer satisfaction by outsourcing jobs to smaller communities acrossrepparttar 145024 US and Canada where local wages were low, and unemployment high. Asrepparttar 145025 years passed, we started sending telephone delivered service work to many ofrepparttar 145026 same areas I'd used earlier to manufacture women's pumps and apparel. Outsourcing was now offshoring. As we all know, many top North American companies no longer have many employees involved in service departments. They've found that those roles can be done better/faster/cheaper by expert companies in Asia or elsewhere. Now it's becoming clear that many other jobs requiring no physical interaction can be done in Third World countries, whererepparttar 145027 pay scales are about 1/10th of what people in North America would get for those jobs. Does Your Job Use Decision Tree Logic? Oh Oh.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some executives still haven't figured out thatrepparttar 145028 same technology which allows an Indian Customer Service Rep to serve a MasterCard customer in Michigan has been re-purposed and expanded to allow an accountant living in India to dorepparttar 145029 taxes for an elderly taxpayer in Ontario. Some people know that this is going to impact many accountants inrepparttar 145030 same manner it did to employees in manufacturing andrepparttar 145031 service industries overrepparttar 145032 recent years.

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