The Truth About Auto-Transport Companies

Written by Nick Telford II

Auto-transport companies are designed to facilitate a person's need to transport cars from one location to another. Whether a person is moving or they have sold their vehicle via Internet auction,repparttar car can be transported without adding mileage or road wear to it.

In some cases, it's just easier to transport a car rather than makerepparttar 144079 lengthy drive out of time considerations. There are some things to know about auto-transport companies in advance.

The process of shipping a car from one location to another, especially across long distances, requires planning ahead and doing your homework. Whether you are a frequent shipper or a first timer, always shoprepparttar 144080 price with various different car transport services.

Factors such as costs of gas, number of cars already going in that direction and seasons can impactrepparttar 144081 expense.

The auto transport service will need to know whererepparttar 144082 car is going from and to,repparttar 144083 make, model and year ofrepparttar 144084 car as well as whenrepparttar 144085 customer wantsrepparttar 144086 car to ship. Most transporters will not guarantee exact dates, if one promises you that then make sure you have it in writing.

All transport companies require a contract, which should be carefully reviewed prior to signing. The contract will cover information needed on topics like damage torepparttar 144087 vehicle, delays, cancellation and accident as well as insurance coverage.

If insurance is not listed onrepparttar 144088 contract, it's a good idea to find out whatrepparttar 144089 transporter offers by way of insurance.

In general, auto transporters are safe, trustworthy andrepparttar 144090 vehicle will arrive in great condition. However,repparttar 144091 contract stipulates all conditions for recourse, including reimbursement for damages inrepparttar 144092 event there are any, so be sure to look it over carefully.

Why Classic Car Transport Is Different To Normal Auto Transport

Written by Nick Telford II

When a car is a classic, it's not just a car anymore; it's a thing of beauty. When a classic car needs transporting,repparttar discerning owner is going to be looking for more than a quick way from point a to point b. Some things to consider before beginningrepparttar 144078 classic car transport arerepparttar 144079 state ofrepparttar 144080 vehicle, where it is going, how much is it going to cost and what are best benefits.

Since many collectors purchase classic cars in varying states of repair, it's worth noting whetherrepparttar 144081 car you want to transport has been in storage for a long time. If you can't start it or drive it, some transporters won't touch it.

Many transporters requirerepparttar 144082 vehicle to be driven up ramps to be loaded and do not have a way to tow it into place. If it's possible have a mechanic check fluids, refillrepparttar 144083 gas tank and chargerepparttar 144084 battery, a car that runs, even slowly will have more options in transporters.

The choice of whether to transport your classic car should also includerepparttar 144085 method of transport. A car that is in premium condition with no dents, dings or scratches, may require enclosed transport. Not only does enclosed transport protectrepparttar 144086 vehicle from road debris, weather and exhaust, but it also provides more security asrepparttar 144087 driver may overnight in some locations.

If your classic is one you've purchased to refurbish or already has nicks and scratches, thenrepparttar 144088 alternative transport inrepparttar 144089 open air will run to less cost for you.

Some transporters will not travel well away from main business centers to pick up cars, so it may be necessary to droprepparttar 144090 car off at a depot. Some transporters employ local contractors to pick uprepparttar 144091 vehicles from these locations and take them torepparttar 144092 depots as needed. Be sure to ask about that service if you will require it.

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