The Truth About Affiliate Commissions

Written by David McKenzie

How can you boost your affiliate commissions?

Scenario: You participate in one or many affiliate programs. You get plenty of hits. Your conversion ratio is about 2% (which is good) and yet you're only making $42.80 per month. It's nothing to shout about.

Consider this: If you put just as much time and effort into marketing each affiliate program, then receiving affiliate commissions of $5 per order is much better than receiving affiliate commissions of $1 per order. It costs you just as much in your own time yet you make 5 times as much.

Why join affiliate programs that sell products or services with such low affiliate commissions? For a reasonable return you will need extremely high volume. How about earning $65 per sale? Or perhaps even $100 per sale?

I hear you say that it is difficult to get many sales of this size - but even if you only got 5 sales per month from a $100 affiliate commission that would be $6,000 per year from just one program. Compare that torepparttar $1 commission per affiliate program. You would have to sell 500 items per month and 6,000 per year. On a sales ratio of 2% this would mean you would have to get 300,000 visitors per annum or 25,000 visitors per month. That is very hard!

Smoke and Mirrors

Written by Bob Osgoodby

Withrepparttar increasing number of new people joiningrepparttar 102558 Internet every day,repparttar 102559 scamsters have an ongoing supply of new potential suckers. At first blush,repparttar 102560 Internet Newbies are overwhelmed byrepparttar 102561 technology, and don't do a whole lot. Many are retired, and simply want to keep in touch by email with family and friends. Others are living on a fixed income, and are looking for a second source of income.

Eventually, finding their comfort level they sally forth, and are found by those wishing to separate them from their hard earned money. Suddenly, their email increases with offers for everything imaginable underrepparttar 102562 sun. Getting all this information in their mail boxes, seems to trigger a synapse, and many viewrepparttar 102563 web as their road to riches.

Where else could they work in their PJs whenrepparttar 102564 mood strikes and supplement their income? In their travels aboutrepparttar 102565 web, they find what they think is a great affiliate program, and plopping down a few bucks, start their journey intorepparttar 102566 world ofrepparttar 102567 online entrepreneur.

Three or four months go by, and they haven't done anything except fillrepparttar 102568 coffers ofrepparttar 102569 affiliate program originators. Wondering how those experts can claim five figure monthly incomes from their Internet businesses, while they aren't earning squat, they cast about looking for something else.

What they don't realize is that they can't sit around eating "bon-bons" all day, expectingrepparttar 102570 world to beat a path to their door. As with all businesses, online or off, it takes more than a casual approach to truly make a business work.

Many beginning opportunity seekers are misled byrepparttar 102571 hoopla and marketing pitches. If anyone is trying to start a business onrepparttar 102572 Internet, they must approach it as a real business.

The number one priority is to get your own web site, and you should avoidrepparttar 102573 free ones offered by your ISP. The price of web space today is extremely affordable, and you can get a full blown site, includingrepparttar 102574 registration of your own domain name for $4 and change a month.

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