The True Power of Terrorism

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

Those of us hundreds of miles from ground zero sat glued to our television sets with horror and disbelief as two ofrepparttar tallest buildings inrepparttar 105751 world slowly disintegrated in a violence of dust and death.

Since that bright September morning in 2001, none of us have feltrepparttar 105752 same. Undergoing an unexpected and brutal national rape, we shuddered at our own vulnerability and defenselessness.

In grief, anger, and frustration, we gathered our tattered dignity around us and vowed repeatedly that it would never happen again. Next time, we would be ready, we would defend ourselves, we would regain our sense of power and invulnerability. We set out resolutely onrepparttar 105753 journey to make our world safe again.

Security was tightened at airports, border crossings, ports, bridges, and nuclear generating stations. Laws were passed to abridge civil liberties to better fight those out to hurtrepparttar 105754 United States. Action was implemented in Afghanistan to findrepparttar 105755 terrorist cells and overthrow their political supporters. The long-standing conventions of war prisoner treatment were abrogated inrepparttar 105756 name of national security. Iraq was invaded in a preemptive strike to limitrepparttar 105757 likelihood of future attacks on American soil.

Where hasrepparttar 105758 yearning for security led us?

We have becomerepparttar 105759 enemy. Inrepparttar 105760 hazy logic ofrepparttar 105761 Patriot Act or ethnic profiling at airports and borders, andrepparttar 105762 specious arguments supportingrepparttar 105763 treatment protocols at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay, America has bought intorepparttar 105764 mindset of terrorism.

When individuals are kidnapped, psychologically or physically abused, threatened with pain, rape, torture, or death, they become terrified shells of their former selves. Often, they start to identify with their captors, their wills bent torepparttar 105765 twisted but all-powerful logic of their oppressors. The prisoner becomesrepparttar 105766 kapo and exhibits more brutality than his superiors. This isrepparttar 105767 true price of terrorism:repparttar 105768 response it elicits from its victims.

Since all of us are direct or indirect victims of 911, we all need to guard againstrepparttar 105769 mindset we have assumed. We must ask ourselves about our priorities. Is improved safety worthrepparttar 105770 price of voiding our civil rights? Isrepparttar 105771 defense against terror worthrepparttar 105772 abdication of our humanitarian and ethical ideals? Shall we descend torepparttar 105773 degradation and torture of our enemies in order to defend our "superior" way of life?

The United States has always, no matter how misguided or hated its temporary policies may have periodically been, stood as a beacon of freedom and fairness in a world too often enslaved and unjust. It is this beacon, this ideal, this dream that millions of American soldiers, through multiple wars over more than 200 years, have fought and died for. It is too precious to be obliterated by a suicide bomb or hijacked airplanes flying into buildings. It will flicker and die only whenrepparttar 105774 values it represents no longer exist.

The Good Citizen

Written by Terry Dashner

The Good Citizen…

Terry Dashner…………………..Faith Fellowship Church PO Box 1586 Broken Arrow, OK 74013

And thenrepparttar storyteller replied with an illustration, “A young optimist was traveling through life from cradle to grave, and she was attacked by caustic cynics. They—the cynics,repparttar 105750 caustics,repparttar 105751 self-enlightened ones, andrepparttar 105752 other hubristic jesters of printed page—stripped her of her dignity, patriotism, and voice and left her half dead besiderepparttar 105753 road.

“By chance a man fromrepparttar 105754 silent majority—those who love their nation but say nothing in her defense—came along; but when he sawrepparttar 105755 woman lying there, he crossed torepparttar 105756 other side and passed her by. A non-informed walked over and looked at her lying there, but he also passed by onrepparttar 105757 other side—not wanting to get involved.

“Then an informed citizen came along, and when he sawrepparttar 105758 woman, he felt deep pity. The informed citizen—that is one who loves God, country, and family and speaks his peace with a grace

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