The Trans Siberian Railway

Written by Marina Smiley

Sit back and relax as I take you on a wondrous journey that transcends Russia, one third ofrepparttar globe, from east to west.. Imagine sitting in a comfortable seat, looking out atrepparttar 146751 spectacular scenery and cities on your seven day journey.

I am talking about one of Russiaís most famous delights and adventures;repparttar 146752 one week excursion onrepparttar 146753 Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow inrepparttar 146754 west to Vladivostok, ofrepparttar 146755 Far East region of Russia. It isrepparttar 146756 longest continuous rail line on earth --almost ten thousand kilometers (about six thousand miles).

Traveling acrossrepparttar 146757 Russia onrepparttar 146758 Trans-Siberian train give yourepparttar 146759 opportunity to see with your own eyes everything that you might have heard about this mysterious land of expansive forests, beautiful cities andrepparttar 146760 wilds of nature.

Your journey will allow you to see beautifully designed architectures of hundreds of churches; amazing sun rises and even more spectacular sunsets. Your journey will allow you to view Russia in all her natural splendor as your adventure takes you through 7 time zones.

Your journey begins when you boardrepparttar 146761 train inrepparttar 146762 opulent and cavernous station of Moscow. During your adventure you will have many stopovers in almost 100 different cities both large and small. The Trans-Siberian train stops several times a day, from just a few minutes to more than a half an hour. You will getrepparttar 146763 pleasure of interacting with simple Russians duringrepparttar 146764 short stop-overs. These Russian stations are often mini markets and you can see there everything from wild berries, farm sausages, delicious smoked fish to different souvenirs and hats made fromrepparttar 146765 fur of red, black, and white foxes.

You will have an opportunity to observe different architectural styles ofrepparttar 146766 various towns and train stations. Most of them were build duringrepparttar 146767 middle ofrepparttar 146768 last century ofrepparttar 146769 Stalin era and atrepparttar 146770 end ofrepparttar 146771 19th century.

Travel To Russia - Baikal Lake

Written by Marina Smiley

One ofrepparttar most spectacular and unspoiled places on earth, which attracts tourists worldwide, is lake Baikal,repparttar 146750 deepest lake inrepparttar 146751 world. This lake is considered to haverepparttar 146752 purest and most tasteful water known to man. The water inrepparttar 146753 lake is so clean and clear that one can easily catch sight of fish some forty meters down (120 feet).

There is a legend, which tourists enjoy, that a boater lost his watch torepparttar 146754 lake which can still be seen onrepparttar 146755 bottom.

There are thousands of lakes on this planet but we are speaking of no ordinary lake, but rather about one of nature's miracles. One ofrepparttar 146756 few unique places left of unspoiled beauty.

Here are some interesting facts about this lake:

1. Baikalís basin is made up of three underwater depressions, which together holds more water than all five ofrepparttar 146757 Great Lakes of North America. It holds one fifth ofrepparttar 146758 earth's supply of fresh water.

2. This Siberian miracle of nature isrepparttar 146759 deepest lake (1,700 m ) inrepparttar 146760 world.

3. The lake is so large that all ofrepparttar 146761 rivers onrepparttar 146762 Earth combined would take an entire year to fill it.

4. At 25-30 million years old, it isrepparttar 146763 oldest lake inrepparttar 146764 world.

5. Baikal also hides a mystery.

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