The Top Ten Tips For Auction Success!

Written by Joe Clare

If you were to look through eBay, or any other online auction site for that matter, you would find that many people make some very basic mistakes. And, they repeat these mistakes over and over again. As indicated in my book "eBay Marketing Wholesale SourcePak" with a little common sense these mistakes are completely preventable. So to prevent you from making these very same mistakes I have put togetherrepparttar Top Ten Tips For Auction Success.

10. Shipping Always state what your shipping price will be. And, Do Not try to rip off your buyers by inflatingrepparttar 147542 shipping price to increase your profit. Believe it or not, people do have a fair idea of what shipping costs should be. If they feel you are inflating your shipping price they will no bid on your item and may not look at any of your other auctions either from fear of being ripped off.

9. Customer Support You must respond to all emails regarding your auctions. Yes, responding to emails is time consuming. But, if you don't, that potential bidder will look else ware forrepparttar 147543 product and you will have lost yourself a customer.

8. Reserve Price Do your research onrepparttar 147544 price for your item. If you must use a reserve price keep it real. If you over price your item you will not get as many bids. And, while all good marketers know there is a time and place forrepparttar 147545 Reserve Auction, you may actually get more bids using no reserve pricing at all. Do your research to help you make this decision.

7. Item Condition You must let bidders know what condition your item is in. Is it new and in it's packaging, or used but like new condition. Does it have any imperfections they should be made aware of.. A potential bidders will want to know what condition your item is in before making any bids.

6. Terms This could come underrepparttar 147546 heading Customer Service. If you have terms on your auction page that read something like this "Not Responsible For Item Once Shipped" or "Item Sold As Is" you will lessenrepparttar 147547 number of bidders for that auction. Be a responsible eBayer, have insurance onrepparttar 147548 item that your buyer can purchase. And be sure to have some sort of guarantee on your products.

5. Feedback One ofrepparttar 147549 most important parts of your eBay Business. Feedback is a method eBay uses to allow buyers and sellers to record their experiences with each other. Then, others can check outrepparttar 147550 feedback of any eBayer they wish to deal with, to see if there has been any negative comments left. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep your feedback rating positive.

How To Start a Business Selling on eBay

Written by Jose Valdez

Selling on eBay is gives you an opportunity to start a home based business. Many people have already started a home based business selling on eBay and many more will dorepparttar same. Virtually anyone can do it.

This guide will walk you throughrepparttar 147504 basics of starting a home based business selling on eBay.

What you need to Start a Home Based Business Selling on eBay You will need a computer, an internet connection, an eBay account which you can get free atrepparttar 147505 eBay website. You also need to be familiar with how to list items that are sold, and you will have to be able getrepparttar 147506 products sold torepparttar 147507 person(s) who buys from you.

Getting Started Selling on eBay

Before selling on eBay as a business, you will have to familiarize yourself withrepparttar 147508 eBay format if you have not already done so. Simply go to browse throughrepparttar 147509 categories that you feel you will be selling in. It is also a good idea to register (for free at and buy a few items yourself to get a feel forrepparttar 147510 process.

A few ofrepparttar 147511 questions you will want to answer are what are you going to going to sell, where you will get products from and at what cost, and who are your buyers going to be?

If you are serious about making serious about starting a profitable home based business selling on eBay, you are going to have to develop a marketing strategy.

The first important decision that you will have make is What to Sell."

What to Sell What can you sell on eBay? Pretty much anything. When you first start selling on eBay,repparttar 147512 items sold will most likely be things that are "lying aroundrepparttar 147513 house unwanted."

It is almost always better to focus your time and energy on selling a few items or related items.

Where to find Products for Sale? A major part ofrepparttar 147514 success of your home based business will being able to reliably find products that you will be able to sell for a profit.

Personal items - Selling personal that you do not want is a great place to start.

Garage and yard sales - You can spend some of your time shopping at garage and yard sales looking for items that you may be able to sell for a profit.

Estate sales - If you have a way of moving a lot of items that are being sold at estate sales, you can make a good profit by practically buying whole estates. However, if a professional is handlingrepparttar 147515 estate sale, you may not be able to buyrepparttar 147516 items at a low enough cost to benefit you.

Established retailers - You may be able to buy overstock, discontinued, damaged, seasonal products that were not sold from retail stores at a discount.

Buying from wholesalers - If you are careful in who you choose to buy from, what to buy, and all ofrepparttar 147517 costs associated with buying wholesale, this can be a good way to have a steady stream of products to sell. The most important decision may be who you choose as your wholesaler.

Finding a Niche Market Once you have an idea of what you want will be selling on eBay, you need to focus your efforts more and find one or more niche markets. If you sell books for example, you can consider selling mainly college textbooks. This will allow you to better knowrepparttar 147518 items that you will selling and more importantly your target customers andrepparttar 147519 categories which they buy from on eBay.

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