The Top 5 Reasons Why Unwed-Parents Must Establish Paternity

Written by Detra Davis

“It takes a village to raise a child” is more than an African proverb, and whenrepparttar village is small and one parent is missingrepparttar 143718 task becomes even more challenging. Fortunately, being proactive and understanding your rights as a parent will help alleviate any issues that might arise as you take onrepparttar 143719 role of single parent. Every child hasrepparttar 143720 right to a parent-child relationship with both parents, and all three deserve an opportunity to develop, enjoy and grow inrepparttar 143721 relationship.

Establishing Paternity 1. Every child hasrepparttar 143722 right to know both parents and haverepparttar 143723 father’s name appear onrepparttar 143724 birth certificate. Voluntarily establishing paternity is not expensive and does not have to involve an attorney or attorney fees. Both parents may contactrepparttar 143725 State Department/Division of Vital Records and Health Statistics, Central Paternity Registry, orrepparttar 143726 Department of Community Health and request an Affidavit of Paternity. There may be a small fee for filing this document but it will ensure legal paternity is established.

Paternity Testing 2. Paternity testing is a series of genetic tests used to indicaterepparttar 143727 likelihood that a man is, or is notrepparttar 143728 biological father of a child. The most common method used today is DNA testing which are 99.9 percent accurate in determining that a man is notrepparttar 143729 father. The child can be tested at any age, andrepparttar 143730 DNA test is obtained by rubbing a cotton tipped swab onrepparttar 143731 inside ofrepparttar 143732 check or DNA can be extracted from blood or other tissues. The court will determine who will pay forrepparttar 143733 paternity test. Laboratories performing paternity test should be accredited byrepparttar 143734 American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).

Living an Overabundant Life

Written by Detra Davis

“I want everything life has to offer,” sounds grand and embodiesrepparttar American Dream, but is that what most folks really want? Can we actually handle living an overabundant life? What happen to wanting an uncomplicated life, free of stuff, and junk? There are television programs popping up daily centered on cleaning out clutter only to bring in new clutter. It is notrepparttar 143717 junk or stuff that isrepparttar 143718 problem, it’s us. The way people think about themselves and their lives.

Believe it or not most of us are in one of two categories: we either define our self by how much stuff we have, consequently we have a lot of stuff; or you can’t releaserepparttar 143719 past, therefore piling up even more stuff. And if we’re notrepparttar 143720 stuff junkie, it’s our spouse, significant other, adult child living at home, adult grandchild living at home, roommate, friend or pal. Enough is enough.

It rarely dawns on us that we can only use one pen at a time, drink one glass of water at a time, eat one bite of food at a time and wash one body at a time. So why do we insist on buying cases of soap, boxes of ink pens and crate loads of food. Sam’s Club other bulk stores have some how reached intorepparttar 143721 inner recesses of our brains and convinced us that bigger is better, more is meaningful. Wake up people, we are storing our hard earned money in stuff that does not pay interest and in many cases is completely perishable.

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