The Top 5 Exercises That Build A Healthy Body!

Written by Lynn VanDyke

So you wanna get in shape, huh? I bet you'll be glad you found this article. Not because I wrote it (just kidding), but because it'srepparttar foundation to a great strength training program. Here arerepparttar 148843 facts:

* If 100 people join a gym today, only 50 of them will still be there in 6 months.

* Of those 50 people, 40 will not seekrepparttar 148844 help of a personal trainer.

* Of those 40 people, 35 will not be working out effectively or efficiently.

That means that out of our original 100 gym go-ers, only 5 are actually realizing their goals in a safe and effective way.

What am I getting at? Everyone needs to exercise...repparttar 148845 correct way. I am a personal trainer that trains loads of clients on a daily basis. I typically see my clients (many with little or no exercise experience) surpass those that come torepparttar 148846 gym every single day. Why is that?

Here's why you'll be glad you found this article, and were smart enough to read it. Strength training is necessary. Just as necessary as cardio. Even for women! You can run for an hour onrepparttar 148847 treadmill every single day of your life, but that does little to nothing for your bone density and muscular strength. As we age, we lose massive amounts of bone density. Ever heard of osteoporosis? YIKES!

The point of this article is to show yourepparttar 148848 five basic exercises to build overall strength and toning. You need nothing more than two free weights, a chair or bench, and a floor. Easy so far, right? There are no jazzy techniques or $30 videos to buy. Nothing more that what I mentioned above. Really use these exercises to develop a proper strength training routine. I will provide help if you need it. Atrepparttar 148849 bottom of this page is a link to my website. I think you'll benefit from it more than any other site inrepparttar 148850 world. It's down-to-Earth and focused on results. And we leave allrepparttar 148851 big technical terms out of it.

Here arerepparttar 148852 top 5 strength training exercises for overall strength:

Plank Pose- My absolute favorite exercise of all time. This baby works those abs more than a crunch could possibly imagine. Oh don't worry about neck pain, that's a non-issue with this one.

Benefit of Pilates

Written by Gary Gresham

One ofrepparttar main benefits of Pilates is it refreshes your physical and mental well-being. Pilates is a series of controlled movements that uniterepparttar 148682 body and mind and creates a direct connection torepparttar 148683 muscles. The benefit of Pilates is it helps condition your body without punishing it. It is designed to stretch and strengthen muscle without adding bulk. The Pilates abdominal exercises require mental concentration along with coordinated breathing beginning inrepparttar 148684 body's core (abdomen, back and buttocks) to build a balanced strength and agility in your body. Joseph Pilates, a legendary physical trainer, developed this exercise system inrepparttar 148685 1920's. Pilates routines can benefit men and women of any age no matter what physical condition you are in. It was designed for people who recognizerepparttar 148686 importance of providing a firm support system forrepparttar 148687 spine. Pilates movement places its focus onrepparttar 148688 body's core. It worksrepparttar 148689 deep muscles inrepparttar 148690 body creating a strong center. Pilates is more precise movements rather than a lot of repetitions of an exercise. It adds heightened body awareness and control becauserepparttar 148691 mind engagesrepparttar 148692 body during movement. Controlled breathing accompanies that movement. One ofrepparttar 148693 exciting aspects of Pilates is that almost anyone can do it. There is no bouncing, jarring or stress to your body and it can be done almost anywhere at anytime.

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