The Top 3 Tricks Horse Owners Can Use To Unspoil A Barn Sour Horse

Written by Andy Curry

It’s been weeks since you went riding. Now you have time to ride this afternoon and there ain’t no one gonna stop you. Excited, you saddle up your horse and get on him. You get about 50 feet fromrepparttar barn and your horse turns around and goes back – and you can’t stop him. Why? You have a barn spoiled horse. This is a common scenario for novice horse owners.

Here arerepparttar 125804 top three tricks to solverepparttar 125805 barn sour problem.

Teach your horse that you have control over him. Once your horse gets it in his mind that you can make him do what you want him to do, you have control over him and can thus make him leaverepparttar 125806 barn. One way to get control over him is to use a training technique called doubling. When you double your horse you teach him you can control him.

It doesn’t take long before your horse will know you can control him. Be careful when doubling though. If you do it too much at a time you can over do it. Your horse could get so sensitive to you doing it that he may try to anticipate it. If he sees your hands makingrepparttar 125807 slightest movement that looks like you’re about to double him, he may double himself. Thus, just double him four to six times a day on both sides. He’ll quickly learn you have control.

The next thing you can try is this: Make it dang hard to dorepparttar 125808 wrong thing – and make it real easy to dorepparttar 125809 right thing. Here’s what I mean. A while back my horse didn’t want to leave her buddies orrepparttar 125810 barn. We’d get about 100 feet away and she’d turn around and bolt back. She’d stop in front ofrepparttar 125811 barn expecting me to get off, removerepparttar 125812 saddle and tack, and put her back intorepparttar 125813 corrals.

By my barn is two hay stacks. There is a space between them big enough to go through and do figure eights aroundrepparttar 125814 hay stacks. So every time she’d go back I would make her work, and work, and work at running figure eights around those hay stacks. Then I would test her to see if she had enough and would leaverepparttar 125815 area.

How To Use Horse Training Thinking To Solve Dang Near Any Problem With A Horse!

Written by Andy Curry

Horse training can be a relatively mysterious subject to people who have not studied it. Even more mysterious is a behavioral problem a horse has that causes his owner stress and frustration.

What many horse owners don't understand is oftenrepparttar handler, notrepparttar 125803 horse, is causingrepparttar 125804 problem.

That being said, that isrepparttar 125805 first consideration in unscramblingrepparttar 125806 horse's ill behavior.

For instance, a common problem riders have is a horse being spooky. In layman's terms, that means a horse is nervous and afraid something is going to "get him". Thus, wheneverrepparttar 125807 horse and owner go for a ride it's not usually a relaxing moment.

As a matter of fact, both horse and rider are on edge.

So if we takerepparttar 125808 premise thatrepparttar 125809 rider is causingrepparttar 125810 horse to spook, then we must ask, "How isrepparttar 125811 rider causing this."

An uninformed rider may not be aware that perhaps he is sitting tensely inrepparttar 125812 saddle. Also, maybe he's stiff as a board and has a white-knuckle hold onrepparttar 125813 reins.

Believe it or not,repparttar 125814 horse can sense and feel this tense. Whenrepparttar 125815 horse is inrepparttar 125816 habit of feeling it thenrepparttar 125817 horse's spookiness is alsorepparttar 125818 rider's.

Picture it like this. Two deathly scared kids are walking home at night. They both hear sounds and see things. One kid thinks he saw something and nervously asks, "D-d-d-did you see that?" Seconds laterrepparttar 125819 other kid hears something and cries, "D-d-did you h-h-hear that?" Together they intensify each other's fears and their anxiety grows leaps and bounds.

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