The Top 10 Rules for succesfull Email Marketing

Written by John McCabe

Top 10 Rules Overrepparttar years I have helped create and execute hundreds of email marketing broadcasts for everything from conferences to double-glazing, and betting services to financial services. I have seen some outstandingly good creative and some outstandingly bad. Creative is notrepparttar 109575 only factor involved in email success - data, timing, offer etc also have important bearings on response rates. Overrepparttar 109576 course of time I have come to recognize a few simple, but fundamental rules about email messages, that if followed, greatly enhance response.

1. Use good data. Only rent email addresses that have a verifiable opt-in status. Response rates are generally 10 times greater using good opt-in data rather than opt-out.

2. Keeprepparttar 109577 message simple. Email message broadcasting should be seen as a means to an end -repparttar 109578 end being a contact with your prospect or a visit to your website. Long messages raiserepparttar 109579 threshold to response. Keeprepparttar 109580 reason for emailing torepparttar 109581 forefront ofrepparttar 109582 message.

3. Keeprepparttar 109583 creative simple. Try to ensurerepparttar 109584 whole message can be seen on one screen, including response mechanisms. Don't use lots of different font sizes and typefaces - it confuses and detracts fromrepparttar 109585 message. Make sure that graphics are hosted so thatrepparttar 109586 file size is kept to a minimum - preferably less than 24kb.

4. Create a good Subject Line. Giverepparttar 109587 recipient a reason to open your message. Poorly considered subject lines will negate any good creative or offer, asrepparttar 109588 recipient may not even see it. Subject lines should be intriguing and not too salesmanlike.

5. Make it easy to respond - after all, this isrepparttar 109589 point ofrepparttar 109590 exercise. Always have a clear, concise call to action. Allow them immediate access to your website and contact by email - they are online so userepparttar 109591 media. You should also enable them to contact you offline.

Powerful Email Strategies

Written by Randall Helling


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Powerful Email Strategies "Why Won't They Open My Email?"

I sat down at my computer yesterday and found 153 new emails awaiting. The first thing I did was quickly use a filter and literally deleted 107 of them.

Now, that's notrepparttar 109575 most "junk" email I have ever received (…particularly after a few days of vacation!), but it's enough to drive homerepparttar 109576 importance of email andrepparttar 109577 need for powerful email strategies in any online marketing campaign.

You see, after you have a product,repparttar 109578 next thing you need to do is sell it. The simplest forms of online marketing typically take onrepparttar 109579 form of a website or an email. Today, due to limited time and space, let's focus on your email.

Now, there are several things I could discuss about email. Email isrepparttar 109580 lifeblood of my online business as I'm sure it is with any successful online business, so there are many strategies that revolve around this important topic.

But regardless ofrepparttar 109581 many strategies, let's face it…email is impersonal. So forrepparttar 109582 reminder of this article, let's focus on an "impersonal email."

As we dive into our discussion, we need to considerrepparttar 109583 single alternative to sending an's having a conversation. I would much rather have a conversation with a potential client than send them an email.

But, if you're getting over 100 emails a day, imagine trying to respond (…viarepparttar 109584 phone) to each message. Yikes! You think you don't have time now!

But that'srepparttar 109585 point. You can't expect to spend countless hours onrepparttar 109586 phone or meeting with individuals if you plan on running an online business successfully. Your time is valuable and you need to learn how to use it effectively.

Okay, but how are you suppose to deal with an "impersonal email?"

Well, as an online marketer you are definitely going to need to learn how to use email successfully. For starters,repparttar 109587 following is a list of strategies that will help your messages come across more personable and more importantly…have a greater chance of getting opened, read and generating a sale.

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