The Tipping Point

Written by Susan Dunn, Coach

When you're working hard at your business and nothing seems to be happening, you need to knowrepparttar concept of "tipping point." It's s fitting term now that we're talking about "viral" websites and clients "invading" our practices. It may not be time to give up.

"Tipping point" is a concept that comes fromrepparttar 117599 epidemic theory. The tipping point isrepparttar 117600 point at which an ordinary and stable phenomenon--a low-level flu outbreak, for instance--can turn into a public-health crisis, because ofrepparttar 117601 number of people who are infected who can infect others. In reading that, you can see that, in layman's terms, there's about to be an explosion. An exponential one. Bad news for public health; good news for businesses.

This used to be called "critical mass" when I was working inrepparttar 117602 non-profit sector. We would work for months trying to accrue membership,

Sell Information For Fun And Profit!

Written by BB Lee

Sell Information For Fun And Profit by BB Lee (C)2002

(412 words)

You've probably seenrepparttar ads all overrepparttar 117598 Internet and in various print magazines offering you insider details on how to market information products and get rich quick! Most of these ads request a hefty fee up front, anywhere from $39.99 to well over $100.00 for their detailed information.

Information is a hot seller. Any information you can think of will surely have an audience willing to plunk down hard cash forrepparttar 117599 intricate details.

How do you break into this market? Easy! My suggestion, use your own background and knowledge to write an information product in e-booklet form or print form instead of relying solely on what a marketer has to offer. You want fresh, unique, valuable information. Certainly, not a stale copy of information already circulatingrepparttar 117600 Internet.

E-booklet's should be concise, straight torepparttar 117601 point, and brief. Usually consisting of several pages to a dozen. Simply select a dozen topics you would like to cover onrepparttar 117602 the subject. Assign a one page chapter to each topic.

Do you know more about car repairs thanrepparttar 117603 ordinary person. Why not write down basic car repairs in a simple, yet easy to understand, e-booklet.

Or perhaps you know more about raising house plants than any of your friends. Why not put this information in a short e-booklet form. Your best customers will be anyone who loves plants but lacks a green thumb.

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