The Three Pillars of Life

Written by Amyn Lalji

We all haverepparttar power to change our lives. What differentiates between those who takerepparttar 145710 action to change and those who just sit onrepparttar 145711 sidelines are three basic human endowments. These three if understood and practiced haverepparttar 145712 power to initiate change within us. Lets take a look at them individually.

Purpose A strong purpose provides us with energy. Purpose is nothing butrepparttar 145713 motivation to keep us going. It is likerepparttar 145714 engine ofrepparttar 145715 ship. Its absence is taken by inertia, a feeling of being inrepparttar 145716 comfort zone and being there. People with a sense of purpose see a larger picture. They haverepparttar 145717 ability to gush towards their objectives simply byrepparttar 145718 motivation andrepparttar 145719 energy that their purpose creates for them.

Values Have you ever applied a quick fix, fast acting, and fast track solution to a problem? Certainly every one of us has done it at one time or another. It certainly works inrepparttar 145720 short term but eventually it tears us down. Why is that so? This is because ofrepparttar 145721 fact that quick fix solutions do not harmonise our purpose with our values. They just patch uprepparttar 145722 purpose with a sort of quasi values giving us an illusion of a solution. If you want your life to be in harmony,repparttar 145723 first thing you need to do is to clarify your values both in your organisational and personal life.

To balance our values, we have to make a clear distinction between “our needs” and “our wants”. Needs are essential to our survival and growth while wants are those extras that fuel our desires. What is interesting to note is that we are always in a crisis between our needs and our wants.

We live in a dichotomy. On one hand we all know that we will die one day but onrepparttar 145724 other hand we also know that we will live. This simple fact makes us complacent. But if you know that you will die say after a month, then what will happen? Your attitude towards life will change altogether. You will give more importance to your relationships! You will try to live as lively as possible! Nature will become dearer to you! You will start to appreciate your life more, just byrepparttar 145725 fact that you know that you will die in month’s time. Crisis brings us clarity and appreciation in life. Think about it as you will die tomorrow and see what you really value in your life. You will be thrilled.


Written by Terry L. Sumerlin

I don't know how many times I've been asked, "How do I get intorepparttar speaking business?" The question always frustrates me. I'd rather be asked something I can really answer, like how to become a barber.

One inquirer said something, though, that caught my attention. He said he had speaking down to a science, and that he could speak exactly 20 minutes, 19, or whatever was needed. Alwaysrepparttar 145628 exact length of time, though!

While there are certainly speakers who need to pay attention torepparttar 145629 clock, I don't know of any who are hired simply because they do. Audiences aren't looking for robots. They want real people.

Because audiences want real people, they generally aren't looking for orators, either. They want effective, down-to-earth communicators who have earnedrepparttar 145630 right to speak, through extensive research and/or experience, and who are well prepared to speak fromrepparttar 145631 heart. If you use humor, someday, after giving many speeches for free, you might even get paid.

Yet, such is still a long way from being successful inrepparttar 145632 speaking business. Much depends on how greatly a person believes in his or her message, and whether, with a good marketing strategy, a person is able to convey that belief inrepparttar 145633 marketplace.

There’s alsorepparttar 145634 matter of commitment. In his wonderful book, Winning with People, John Maxwell said that sometimes his response torepparttar 145635 how-do-I-get-into-the-speaking-business question is, “You may want to do what I do, but would you like to do what I did in order to do what I do?”

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