The Three Main Parts Of A Tree

Written by Paul Curran

Trees can be broken down into three main parts:repparttar roots,repparttar 113363 leaves andrepparttar 113364 woody structure between them. The roots' function is to bring raw materials-water and mineral salt dissolved in water-torepparttar 113365 tree. The leaves absorb carbon dioxide fromrepparttar 113366 air and userepparttar 113367 sun's light energy to combine this gas withrepparttar 113368 moisture fromrepparttar 113369 roots, thus makingrepparttar 113370 simple sugars that are repparttar 113371 basic nutrients ofrepparttar 113372 tree.

The trunk, limbs, branches and twigs holdrepparttar 113373 leaves in position to receiverepparttar 113374 life-giving sunlight and air; they also act as transportation, carrying raw materials between roots and leaves. The materials absorbed byrepparttar 113375 roots are pulled up by capillary attraction andrepparttar 113376 osmotic action induced by evaporation of water fromrepparttar 113377 leaves. Loss of water throughrepparttar 113378 leaves is called transpiration.

On a summer day, a single birch tree may transpire 700 to 900 gallons of water. It is this enormous flow of water that causes a continuous flow of sap fromrepparttar 113379 roots torepparttar 113380 topmost twigs.

In planting or transplanting a tree, and in building on a lot where you wish to preserverepparttar 113381 trees,repparttar 113382 gardener's chief consideration must be to protectrepparttar 113383 root structure ofrepparttar 113384 tree. The big roots nearrepparttar 113385 stem anchorrepparttar 113386 tree torepparttar 113387 ground, while repparttar 113388 fine root hairs atrepparttar 113389 ends ofrepparttar 113390 rootlets absorbrepparttar 113391 water fromrepparttar 113392 soil.

Fall Lawn Care

Written by Hans Dekker

I wish I had indulged my yard in a little tender-loving fall lawn care. Today I’m looking out my window at an all-too familiar Midwestern winter. Snow for Christmas and then a few days of warmth meltedrepparttar insulating blanket away, leaving my lawn bare and susceptible torepparttar 113362 terrors of an after-thaw ice storm.

It’s easy inrepparttar 113363 warm spring to roll up our sleeves and get outrepparttar 113364 rakes, aerators, spreaders and mowers. After all, we can celebrate putting awayrepparttar 113365 snow shovels and snow blower! However, although spring lawn care is important, a good fall lawn care program ensures that we’ll have a lawn to tend when spring rolls around!

I could have started my fall lawn care with a final mowing. However,repparttar 113366 grass seemed to quit growing… so I quit mowing. Silly me! A final mowing, lowering my mower blade about ½ inch would have helped me to easily implementrepparttar 113367 rest of my plan and prepared my lawn to facerepparttar 113368 perils of winter.

Before I knew it, my fall lawn care plan got soaked and blew away during a windy-rainy autumn. Top-dressing my lawn would have been a pain. The grass was too long for even finely ground compost to reachrepparttar 113369 soil and I just couldn’t see myself shivering inrepparttar 113370 chilly autumn as I usedrepparttar 113371 flat side of my garden rake to spread an eighth inch of it over my wet yard.

Our red maple, beautiful in autumn, isrepparttar 113372 last on our block to drop its leaves, so, I waited to rake. Inrepparttar 113373 meantime, allrepparttar 113374 neighbors’ leaves covered my lawn and wouldn’t you know it? Byrepparttar 113375 timerepparttar 113376 maple was bare, autumn rains were constant and cold. Fall lawn care wasrepparttar 113377 last thing on my mind! Those half-decayed leaves are going to be a mess to clean up next spring, in addition to blocking outrepparttar 113378 first warm rays of sunshine and impedingrepparttar 113379 warm spring rains that my grass would certainly have enjoyed!

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