The Theatre

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

The Theatre:

My first true love was at twenty years old She was much older, yes I was so bold A theatre lover I became Gloria Swansonrepparttar name of fame Her last performance I think it was ‘Butterflies are Free’, we were impressed A great endeavour this thing she does No mere drama was justly expressed Later on as we undressed I knew my heart was not just me I felt her closeness and accepted ‘We’.

“Timon of Athens’ was a blast and I became a freak! It was a Globe Theatre reproduction in Cedar Creek Nature’s Heavens opened up atrepparttar 122208 exact right moment It added so much torepparttar 122209 spirit and a night of enchantment I’ll always cherish Shakespeare’s greatness This hermit speaking ofrepparttar 122210 ‘ONE’ness.


Written by Robert Bruce Baird


When you hearrepparttar word 'divination', chances are that certain images-- will spring to mind: dark gypsy fortune-tellers, tea-leaves, and crystal balls; a scene in a movie whenrepparttar 122207 Ace of Spades falls in a card game or a strange figure drawsrepparttar 122208 Tarot trump Death; charlatans, ouija boards, and phony swamis; or, perhaps, witch doctors and medicine men chanting around a fire. If you look a little deeper, you might see another kind of image lurking inrepparttar 122209 background: dark magicians in graveyards seeking forbidden knowledge, conjuring demons andrepparttar 122210 spirits ofrepparttar 122211 dead.

These images express attitudes - ridicule and fear - with a long history. For well over a thousand years, divination was a mortal sin and a capital crime in Western culture, a 'conversation withrepparttar 122212 devil' that was banished along withrepparttar 122213 old gods andrepparttar 122214 wise women. Divination is a central part of pagan culture andrepparttar 122215 pagan sense of a cosmos or 'living- world'. Withrepparttar 122216 rise ofrepparttar 122217 Church to political power in late antiquity,repparttar 122218 old gods of this culture became devils andrepparttar 122219 living world became their work. Withrepparttar 122220 rise of our modern 'scientific laws' of cause and effect,repparttar 122221 devils in turn became superstitions, tales told by those considered to be marginal or uneducated such as women, lunatics, criminals, and savages. In spite of our inherited assumptions, divination is not a collection of superstitions. It is an outlawed way of knowing and speaking with a living world, a world ensouled and full of spirit.” (1)

Every aspect of life and many ofrepparttar 122222 things considered to have no life or soul have been used in tellingrepparttar 122223 intent and flow of nature. To say there is no destiny is common amongrepparttar 122224 artists or scientists of each divinatory method and all understandrepparttar 122225 part we have to play. Inrepparttar 122226 world of 'seems to be' that focuses on material and 'real' causes that MUST be seen (what can be calledrepparttar 122227 "Toilet Philosophy") there is more superstition and destiny type of ideologies. Astrology is a refined mathematical method that has been considered a science even duringrepparttar 122228 proscriptions against divinatory methodology andrepparttar 122229 rulers often were engaged in doing that which they tried to stop others from doing. We have dealt with some general divinatory methods such as 'divining rods' in 'Science' and we will cover others as we move along. The art and talent of knowing yourself and your 'center' or soul is clearly something 'free' and beyond acceptance of interpreters or priests. It was necessary to stop this freedom in order to gain total power or as close to it as possible. This book has an Orisha practice that is used in supposedly Christian Santeria. Having studiedrepparttar 122230 use of what they call 'El Coco' orrepparttar 122231 casting of coconut shells I made a point to look for it. To my surprise I saw a word that looked much like Ogham or Ogam, which are variations of Ogham. The word 'ogun' was part ofrepparttar 122232 process in what I think was one ofrepparttar 122233 earliest methods of divination outside personal judgement or intuition.

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