The Talking Stick for healthy communication

Written by Neva Howell

One ofrepparttar most valuable tools for honoring close relationships and for learning respect, honor, and listening skills is The Talking Stick. The Talking Stick (Native-American in origin) is simply a Tree Person branch that has been so dedicated as a Talking Stick to be used for creating more open and sincere dialog.

Individual indigenious groups have more specific information and ritual. I don't represent myself as any kind of authority of Native ways -- that isrepparttar 101995 work ofrepparttar 101996 Elders within each ofrepparttar 101997 Native Peoples -- but only sharerepparttar 101998 value I've received thru use of this communication tool.

First, there must be total agreement betweenrepparttar 101999 two parties that, when The Talking Stick is present,repparttar 102000 rules ofrepparttar 102001 ritual will be honored by both. The rules are simple.

When one wishes to be allowed to speak fully, freely, and without interruption, they pick up The Talking Stick. While it is being held,repparttar 102002 other person listens ONLY. The other person doesn't interrupt or insert. The other person attempts, torepparttar 102003 best of their ability, not to interject vocal, or even physical responses to what is being shared but to ONLY listen with an open and unjudgmental ear. Whenrepparttar 102004 one who is talking is finished, The Talking Stick is laid down andrepparttar 102005 other person then hasrepparttar 102006 opportunity to pick uprepparttar 102007 Stick and to speak openly and freely.

One ofrepparttar 102008 great values of this tool, from my own perspective and experience, is that you may begin to realize how much of what you started to say was only reaction. Byrepparttar 102009 timerepparttar 102010 stick is passed to you, something has shifted. Inrepparttar 102011 waiting, there has been a change.

There is a new attentiveness, and less ofrepparttar 102012 need to defend or put in your "two cents worth" after every sentence your partner says. Somehow, this simple yet profound process teaches us how to ferret out what is most important within all that is said by our partner, and we learn to respond to what is most important. A lot drops away, and loses importance, when we are forced to only listen.

Ten Ways to Evolve, Part 1

Written by Rinatta Paries

Overrepparttar past decade, I've worked with thousands of individuals seeking ways to improve their ability to attract their ideal mate. As a result, I've created a list of ten most commonly prescribed personal development steps I recommend for those wanting to attract and create their ideal relationship. I'll sharerepparttar 101994 first five steps with you today. Read next week's newsletter forrepparttar 101995 next five steps.

1. Get complete with your past to break relationship patterns.

When you no longer carryrepparttar 101996 "baggage" about your past relationships and your childhood, you are emotionally free to be in your ideal relationship. When you're emotionally free, you are better able to:

* recognize partners who are incompatible with you before you get involved; * naturally attract more suitable partners; * stop trying to resolve issues from old relationships in your current one; * transform all of your relationships to be clear and satisfying.

If you're ready to get complete with your past, take my free PatternTracker Quiz at The quiz will help you identify and understand your patterns, making it less likely that you'll repeat them inrepparttar 101997 future.

2. Ask for what you want in any relationship.

It is a myth that people should know what you want. When you are able to ask for what you want, you become easier to be with, easier to delight, and therefore much more attractive. People see you as clear and straight-forward.

To learn how to ask for want you want in your relationships, read my article, "Ask Right and You May Receive,"

3. The more you want a relationship, have a laundry list, a timetable for when it should occur,repparttar 101998 less likely you are to have it.

The only way to attract a fulfilling relationship is to have a fulfilling life. You get to have a fulfilling life with or without a partner, while becoming naturally attractive. When you are attractive in this way, you no longer need to look for your ideal partner - you will automatically attract him or her.

I challenge you to create a fulfilling life in every way. For ideas on how to enrich your life, read "Single and Happy,"

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