The Tale of Mr Newbie and The Truth About Total Failure

Written by Dave Powell

The Tale of Mr Newbie and The Truth About Total Failure

If you are new to Internet marketing and your web business makes no money, or worse still a loss, you needn't worry about looking a fool - chances are nobody will ever know!


Well, if you really fail that dismally, chances are no-one visited your site anyway. Itís a fact that most people new to Internet marketing, "newbies" as they are affectionately referred, very often follow a very similar pattern of evolution.

Firstly, Mr Newbie gets enticed torepparttar "easy" money and vast riches thatrepparttar 133604 Internet offers. He can see that people are making big money onrepparttar 133605 web, so what'srepparttar 133606 obvious step - that's right, get a website!

And what isrepparttar 133607 theme of Mr Newbies website? How to make money onrepparttar 133608 Internet, of course! So why does he choose to tell other people how to make money onrepparttar 133609 Internet BEFORE he has made even one dollar himself?

Well, he findsrepparttar 133610 biggest array of ready-made products to sell that he could ever wish for - ebooks, courses, affiliate programs etc.,etc. and lots (and lots) of well designed ads that tell him that to resell this product, or represent this program will bring him huge (and instant) rewards.

The smart choice would have been to have taken one of his hobbies, or an area of specialist knowledge that he may possess, and built a niche website around that theme. Promotion would have been easier and potential customers may have even come looking for HIM. He could even have started building a newsletter list before he had a website.

But hey, Mr Newbie has heard you can make cash in Internet marketing in 30 days! Why bother doing any work?

Instead he decides to enter one ofrepparttar 133611 most competitive arenas ofrepparttar 133612 modern business era - not just marketing onrepparttar 133613 Internet, but marketing products ABOUT Internet Marketing.

He is competing against huge amounts of savvy marketers who use every trick inrepparttar 133614 book (and some that aren't) to wring every last drop of spare money out of that other man - "Mr. Average Web Surfer With A Credit Card".

So what does our friend do?

He buys an ebook that tells him what to do, he can't go wrong with this one. Heck -repparttar 133615 "expert" who wrote it, is even going to let him sell it as his first product. (Mr Newbie new thatrepparttar 133616 platinum package was worth those few extra dollars!)

From here on, it is oftenrepparttar 133617 same story - a lovely website, a clever domain name, and lots of evenings atrepparttar 133618 computer inrepparttar 133619 spare bedroom staring atrepparttar 133620 screen whenrepparttar 133621 kids have gone to bed pondering one major aspect of Internet marketing that is quite vital torepparttar 133622 ongoing profitability and feasibility ofrepparttar 133623 whole project while twiddling his thumbs -

Web Analytics - Murder by Numbers - Part 1

Written by Jason OConnor

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Web Analytics - Murder by Numbers - Part 1 Jason OConnor

Want to know a methodology to learnrepparttar 133610 exact effectiveness of every e-marketing initiative you conduct? Itís a method that every company online should implement. Itís a must-have if youíre actively trying to leverage your web presence to increase your bottom line.

One ofrepparttar 133611 great aspects ofrepparttar 133612 Internet and e-marketing is its ability to give immediate results and feedback regarding all kinds of online activities. This of course requires tracking.

Let us delve intorepparttar 133613 world of tracking. Part 1 of this two part series will explainrepparttar 133614 basics of e-marketing tracking. Part 2 will provide a fool-proof method for website statistical acquisition.

If you rent some banner ad space at a website whose audience is your target market, you can learn exactly how many people saw your banner ad and how many clicked through to your site. You can also determine how many people actually became a lead fromrepparttar 133615 banner ad and even see how many were converted into a sale.

Ifrepparttar 133616 numbers were lowrepparttar 133617 first time around, you can create a new banner ad and submit it again, then track those results. You can keep tweaking ad infinitum until you discoverrepparttar 133618 perfect combination of design, copy and presentation that yieldsrepparttar 133619 best results. This is one ofrepparttar 133620 wonders ofrepparttar 133621 Net. But youíll need a way to make sense of allrepparttar 133622 numbers. And there will be a lot of numbers. Enter Web Analytics.

Here arerepparttar 133623 most important data points for an e-marketer:

1.Cost for campaign 2.Reach or total visits (in Netspeak, Ďeyeballsí) 3.Unique visits 4.Click-thru number 5.Click-thru percentage 6.Number of leads generated 7.Cost per lead 8.Lead conversion rate 9.Lead to sales ratio 10.Number of sales generated

Inrepparttar 133624 banner ad example above, letís sayrepparttar 133625 statistics for a day are:

1.The banner adís cost forrepparttar 133626 day = $500 2.Total visits = 1000 3.Unique visits = 800 4.Click-thru number = 50 5.Click-thru percentage = 5% 6.Leads generated = 20 7.Cost per lead = $25 8.Lead conversion rate = 40% 9.Lead to sales ratio = 10% 10.Sales generated = 2

The daily, weekly or monthly visits torepparttar 133627 site that houses your banner ad will berepparttar 133628 reach or visits torepparttar 133629 site. This number can be broken down to both total and unique visits. If there were a 1000 visits to that web page in a day but 200 of those visits were fromrepparttar 133630 same people visiting twice in that day (and allrepparttar 133631 rest came only once), then total visits is 1000 and unique visits is 800. This is because if 200 people came torepparttar 133632 site twice that day, then 200 ofrepparttar 133633 total visits forrepparttar 133634 day were repeats which leaves 800 unique visitors (1000 Ė 200 = 800).

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