The TAO of the Internet Entrepreneur

Written by Muhammad Nasser

The word Tao meansrepparttar Way.

The Tao ofrepparttar 117864 Internet Entrepreneur seeks equal exchange. Ifrepparttar 117865 exchange between you and your customer is not equal it Will not be valid even if you get away with fooling or short changing The customer. Inrepparttar 117866 end it will come back to haunt you.

It is said thatrepparttar 117867 man of calling succeeds without quarreling. So it is with engagingrepparttar 117868 markets ofrepparttar 117869 Internet. It is possible to do business and succeed without alienating many potential customers.

The Internet is like any other large market in that you can not attack it all at once......... you must be patient with it.

Anything can and is sold onrepparttar 117870 Internet from sex to sealing wax,repparttar 117871 Internet has become likerepparttar 117872 Winchester Rifle of old, a great equalizer for small businesses eager to extend themselves torepparttar 117873 whole ofrepparttar 117874 world. Likerepparttar 117875 Winchester, treatrepparttar 117876 Internet with respect andrepparttar 117877 will take care of you.

What is meant by Treatrepparttar 117878 with respect and it will take care of you. Simply this. This is first and foremost a network of networks of People.

Dealing with these persons viarepparttar 117879 net is almostrepparttar 117880 same as in person.

There are some simple guidelines I have developed from my experience in marketing and my studies of philosophy that you may find useful, like any would-be teacher I cannot teach yourepparttar 117881 Tao ofrepparttar 117882 Entrepreneur but onlyrepparttar 117883 way torepparttar 117884 Tao. So here it is.

Above all, The Tao ofrepparttar 117885 Entrepreneur is to Do what is necessary regardless of what others think and to do what must be done regardless ofrepparttar 117886 effect on others.

This dual notion may seem out of step withrepparttar 117887 spirit of Netique and selling protocols but it is not. The business of business is making money. If you go in to commerce with any other ideas in mind you are certain to fail.

1 .Be patient withrepparttar 117888 Internet and with yourself

Many people think they are going to throw up some web pages, put Together a package of reports or products they got from some vendor , Send out a billion Email messages and just wait forrepparttar 117889 checks to start Flying in.

Often what happens is a whole lot of nothing or worse, you get a mountain of hate mail for sending unsolicited Email until your ISP shuts you down.

2. Live inrepparttar 117890 Real world, not your own.

There are no get rich-quick schemes onrepparttar 117891 that work includingrepparttar 117892 ones YOU create for yourself. Approachrepparttar 117893 net like you would a potential mate. After all you andrepparttar 117894 net are going to be together for a long time.

Spend time gaining a deep, genuine knowledge ofrepparttar 117895 Markets, customers and products before you enterrepparttar 117896 fray.

* Find or create a unique product to offer. * Read up aboutrepparttar 117897 experiences of other marketers. * Learn aboutrepparttar 117898 latest bulk mailing programs and their Proper use. * Don't insult peoples intelligence with bogus offers of easy millions over night or Even a month or two, building an business takes many years of continuous Effort to be successful. You have to work years to be an overnight success!! * Avoid superlative language in your offers, speak plain and simple, keeprepparttar 117899 language of At a fifth grade level. * Talk TO your potential buyers not AT them with too much glitz. * Take as much time to attend to little things as big things in your business . Spell checking your text is just as important as how flashy you want your web site!

3. Thus also isrepparttar 117900 man of calling, He creates forrepparttar 117901 body and not forrepparttar 117902 eyes!

Just A Little Advice...Part 2

Written by Terri Seymour

Continuing on from Part , I would like to share some ofrepparttar things I have learned about web design and promotion. Building and maintaining a website can be a lot of work. I have learned some ideas and tips for making your website more effective. Update Your Site Regularly - You must continually add new content to your site. You cannot just throw up some information and then just leave it there forever. Your visitors will stop coming because there is never anything new for them. You could put up a what's new section where you would tell your visitors what you have recently added torepparttar 117863 site. Do Not Overload Your Website - While lots of pretty graphics may look nice, they can be a hindrance to your site. Your site will take too long to download and people might just not want to wait that long. Make sure your site is not too flashy and is easy to navigate. If people cannot find what they are looking for, they will go to another site. Learn To Be Your Own Webmaster - You want to be in control of your own website and to be able to make changes and improvements without having to depend on somebody else. There were many times when I needed something done and had to wait for my son (who built my site) to be able to do it. Now that I can take care of things myself, things get done when they need to get done. Here are some sites to help: Make Your Website Unique - Add some of your personality to your site. Have an About Me page and let people get to know you. There is something about your site that is very unique and that is you! Always Have Something For Free - There are many things you can give away for free at your site. Free resources, eGreeting Cards, eBooks, contests and more. Check out these sites for freebies: Start An Ezine - You definitely want to publish your own ezine to keep in contact with your visitors and to keep them updated on your site and/or products. Publishing an ezine is a lot of work, but it is work that is enjoyable. You want to provide resources and information in your ezine as well as updates on your business. There are some good sites that can help you get started with your ezine:

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