The Survey Feedback Process for Organizational Development and Change

Written by CMOE Development Team


In globally competitive environments, organizations are seeking information about obstacles to productivity and satisfaction inrepparttar workplace. Survey feedback is a tool that can provide this type of honest feedback to help leaders guide and direct their teams. Obstacles and gaps betweenrepparttar 140902 current status quo andrepparttar 140903 desired situations may or may not be directly apparent. In either case, it is vital to have a clear understanding of strategies for diagnosis and prevention of important organization problems. If all leaders and members alike are clear aboutrepparttar 140904 organizational development and change, strengths, weakness, strategies can be designed and implemented to support positive change. Survey feedback provides a participative approach and enables all members to become actively engaged in managingrepparttar 140905 work environment.

  1. Identify project plan and objectives
  2. Brief team leaders and employees aboutrepparttar 140906 process
  3. Administer survey
  4. Conduct interviews and focus groups
  5. Train leaders on facilitating team discussions
  6. Analyzerepparttar 140907 data and construct a report
  7. Provide feedback to leaders
  8. Team leaders conduct feedback action planning and meetings
  9. Leaders present reports on progress and results to Senior Management
  10. Follow-up by senior leadership to ensure progress and accountability

Oncerepparttar 140908 data has been collected and observations have been clarified, it becomesrepparttar 140909 leader’s responsibility to familiarizerepparttar 140910 team withrepparttar 140911 findings. Nextrepparttar 140912 leader involvesrepparttar 140913 team in outlining appropriate solutions and strategies that members can “buy into” and support overrepparttar 140914 long-haul. When leaders can facilitate collaborative teaming and become an organizational development and change agent, people inrepparttar 140915 team will contribute creative ideas to enhance their work environment.

It is important for leaders to not underestimaterepparttar 140916 time and facilitation skills needed to pass onrepparttar 140917 information and foster an action-oriented environment. The initial meetings and communication sessions are justrepparttar 140918 start of a development process, not a single event. Ifrepparttar 140919 survey feedback is to be effective, it must be implemented into a comprehensive strategy that includes goals, responsibilities, time frames, revisions, and reviews.

Prevent Split Ends

Written by Kenia Morales

We are all familiar with split ends also known as Trichoptlosis and it happens whenrepparttar hairs protective cuticle is removed. Split end arerepparttar 140845 result of chemical products such as hair color, relaxers etc. It can also be cause by styling products such as blow dryer, heat iron etc.

It is important to know that once a person has Trichoptlosis there is no way to restore hair back to its original structure. So, it would be necessary to trimrepparttar 140846 split ends. However, what you do afterrepparttar 140847 trimming may determine if your hair will grow healthy or look dull. Here are some tips that can help prevent split ends:

•Sleep with a satin pillow case. They can easily be found in a department store or beauty supply shop for a couple of dollars.

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