The Superultramodern Principia : The Foundations of Superultramodern Science (SS)

Written by Dr Kedar Joshi

The Superultramodern Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica (in short, The Superultramodern Principia) mainly combines The NSTP (Non - Spatial Thinking Process) Theory and Conmathematics (Conceptual Mathematics). It also entails some other ideas of Dr Kedar Joshi like 'If reason itself is flawed', Great flaws in modern/ultramodern physics, The nature of science, mathematics, and philosophy, Superultramodern universal communism, etc. Its chief purpose is to lay downrepparttar foundations of Superultramodern science (physics, mathematical science, and philosophy).

Joshian Conjectures ( i.e. Superultramodern Scientific Conjectures )

Written by Dr Kedar Joshi

Following are some conjectures of Dr Kedar Joshi ( i.e. myself ) that are more or less essential torepparttar superultramodern science.

1. Joshian Conjecture of Three Dimensional Space - Space has three and only three ( spatial ) dimensions.

Basis : i. There is no evidence to believe in hyperspace : space with more than three ( spatial ) dimensions. Alsorepparttar 127618 NSTP ( Non – Spatial Thinking Process ) theory falsifies general relativity on its ontological side. This means thatrepparttar 127619 experimental evidence in support of general relativity is in fact out of some superhuman thoughts existing inrepparttar 127620 form of ( non – spatial ) feelings. Three dimensional space is not curved in any fourth spatial dimension. ii. I cannot imagine / see / experience space with more than three ( spatial ) dimensions. Also my intuition supports my conjecture. ( i.e. conjecture 1 )

2. Joshian Conjecture of No Spatial Mechanism - There is no spatial mechanism responsible for most ofrepparttar 127621 mysterious phenomena in nature / universe. In some cases, e.g. action at a distance in quantum mechanics, this conjecture is extremely strong, while in some other cases, e.g.repparttar 127622 phenomenon of gamma ray bursts, it is not so strong. The NSTP theory states thatrepparttar 127623 real / underlying / hidden mechanism ofrepparttar 127624 universe is non – spatial, and thus demystifiesrepparttar 127625 phenomena.

3. Joshian Conjecture of Flawed Reason – Reason itself is flawed. That is, no thought/s or reasoning ( not mere human but rather of any possible kind ) can ( rightly / accurately ) describe at least some ofrepparttar 127626 aspects ofrepparttar 127627 universe. This conjecture is actuallyrepparttar 127628 most likely possibility. For more information please consultrepparttar 127629 article ‘Joshian Meditations ( i.e. Superultramodern Meditations )’. This conjecture puts a possible ( rather probable ) limit to science.

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