The Sucessful Dinner Party

Written by Kim LaBarbera

This article is for people who are always onrepparttar go, and do not have a lot of money to spend on entertaining. What's wrong with this picture? I used to serve delicious dinners with wonderful desserts; (yes, I had checked around and, they were wonderful.) However, I knew that there was something missing. After I began working in Food Service, I had learned that it'srepparttar 148480 little things, that completerepparttar 148481 big picture. It's not so hard For instance,repparttar 148482 use of doilies placed on a dessert plate when serving a fine piece of cake. How about light colored napkins, plain, or with a gentle pattern? Did you know that people, generally feel that colored napkins, are more relaxing than white napkins? Especially pastel colors.

Wow, it is painless! Here are some simple suggestions; Chill your glasses about one half hour before your guests arrive. You may want to use a carafe instead of a plain pitcher. There is less chance of spillage and, it takes up less room onrepparttar 148483 table. Speaking of spillage, wrap a napkin neatly around your wine bottle, coveringrepparttar 148484 neck, so that it will catchrepparttar 148485 over pour. Some quick appetizer ideas! Did you know that a combination of finely chopped: garlic, fresh parsley, and mushrooms mixed with bread crumbs, butter, and romano cheese, can quickly be stuffed into stemless mushrooms and baked at a low temperature until golden brown? Okay, it's inrepparttar 148486 form of a (run on) sentence, but I am trying to prove a point... How about some soft spread cream cheese with fresh lox, beaten for about a minute? Serve it with bread sticks, or water crackers. It is usually better for a lunch buffet, but it will work in a pinch. If it is important that you make a good impression, plan for "surprise" problems, otherwise, problems will pop up. I am a firm believer in Murphy's Law. These are simple adjustments, but many people I have spoken with, complain that entertaining can cost alot of money. Well, I say no. Start out small and simple. What I mean is, invite people that you feel very comfortable with, i.e., people that you don't have to impress, and wont be talking torepparttar 148487 others about your dinner, atrepparttar 148488 water cooler. The small and simple of it When you replace dinnerware, do it one section at a time. Big hint! Change your wine glasses first, then replace your water and soda glasses. Wine glasses come first, because people generally feel that wine is more important than water and soda, because it is more expensive. Remember, people see your glasses first, when approachingrepparttar 148489 dinner table. They will feel confident inrepparttar 148490 meal that you prepare when they see sparkling new glasses.

Create a Table Centerpiece That Works for Most

Written by Joanie Williams

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You can create a lovely but simple and inexpensive table arrangement that will work for almost any dinner party at your house. First, collect your supplies, then just follow ten easy steps to create your arrangement.

Collecting your supplies

Choose white flowers and some simplefoliage. White carnations and a couple of ferns are readily available. They provide a simple, inexpensive white arrangement that would go on almost any dinner party table.

Choose a low round vase. This way you can easily create an arrangement that is pleasing from all sides. Remember that your guests should be able to see overrepparttar 148266 arrangement.

Choose white candles and candlesticks that matchrepparttar 148267 color and material of your vase. If you donít want to use candlesticks, you can just use pillar candles on glass dishes.

Now youíre ready to create your table centerpiece.

Ten easy steps to creating your arrangement: 1) Fill your vase two thirds full of water. 2) Cutrepparttar 148268 flowers down enough so they just pop overrepparttar 148269 top ofrepparttar 148270 vase. 3) Strip off foliage that would be underwater since it will rot faster inrepparttar 148271 water.

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