The Stuttering/Stammering therapy options I offer.

Written by Stephen Hill

Author: Stephen Hill from The How To Stop Stammering Centre.

The stuttering therapy options I offer

I always recommend where possible for people to attend one ofrepparttar one-to-one speech courses which I run inrepparttar 145785 great park area of Birmingham.

Every person who has a stutter is an individual and each course is tailored to suit their individual stutter and needs.

Onrepparttar 145786 final day ofrepparttar 145787 course people leave with a copy ofrepparttar 145788 stuttering course notes and DVD and are advised to keep in regular contact with me. This is to ensure continued fluency and is a form of back up where I answer any questions, which may arise.

How my stutter started

Written by Stephen Hill

Author Stephen Hill from The How To Stop Stammering Centre

How my stutter started

I was born in Birmingham, England on September 13th 1973. I wasrepparttar third child of Angela and Robin, my brother Gavin was six and my sister Sharon was four. My parents, brother and sister are all fluent, so it was a shock to everyone when I started to stutter atrepparttar 145784 age of four.

After I was born my mother decided to leave work to look after me and up untilrepparttar 145785 age of four there were no faults in my speech.

Atrepparttar 145786 age of four she felt it was time for her to return to work and a friend ofrepparttar 145787 family offered to pick me up from school, take me to her house, look after me, and even feed me until my mother was ready to pick me up at around 6.30pm. Her name was Jean and she had a son who was in my class at school called Graham.

Being looked after by Jean was not something that worried me; I liked her and Graham and was actually quite looking forward to going to their house. So Jean picked us up from school and we walked back to her house where me and Graham played football inrepparttar 145788 back garden. At around 5pmrepparttar 145789 evening meal was ready and Jean called us intorepparttar 145790 house, this is where things started to go horribly wrong.

In my family at meal times we would collect our plate fromrepparttar 145791 table and were allowed to take it to whichever room we wanted to or even intorepparttar 145792 garden to eatrepparttar 145793 food, very laid back and this is what I was used to. However in Jean’s house they ate in a dining room around a dining table, this of course should not be a problem but it turned out to berepparttar 145794 start of my stutter.

Graham led me intorepparttar 145795 dining room where I saw a very well presented dining table with two knives, two forks, two spoons (why do you need two? I wondered). There were serviettes, tablemats, even flowers, there were people sitting aroundrepparttar 145796 table who I had never met before, Graham’s father, older brother and older sister and it seemed like they were all staring at me.

I sat down atrepparttar 145797 table feeling rather uncomfortable and then various people started to ask me different questions about myself, “What’s your name?”, “Which football team do you support?”, “What’s your favourite subject at school?” etc. I felt under great pressure and found it very difficult to getrepparttar 145798 words out. I was aware I had not spoken properly but was unsure as to why.

How people react especially adults when a person first stutter’s is very important. If they over-react or panic this can have an adverse effect on that person. I distinctly remember Graham’s older sister laughing which made me feel very embarrassed. Jean rose fromrepparttar 145799 table and picked uprepparttar 145800 telephone, which was inrepparttar 145801 same room and started dialling a number. Why is she making a phone call duringrepparttar 145802 meal? Why doesn’t she wait until afterrepparttar 145803 meal I thought to myself. Then I heard her asking for Mrs Hill, my mother of course. Why is she phoning my mother? Nowrepparttar 145804 last thing my mother wanted on her first day at work was a call from Jean saying there was a problem with me.

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