The Struggling Internet Marketer

Written by Bobby Walker

Instead of giving you advice on how to make a million bucks, and

pretending to be famous and wealthy, I would like to talk about

allrepparttar net-prenuers who aren't making a living onrepparttar 122478 information


Everytime you turn around, someone is trying to sell yourepparttar 122479 next

sliced bread, orrepparttar 122480 answer to your prayers. Who's buying these

dreams? I'll tell you who, people like me, people that still have

a full-time job and are getting griped out by their spouses for

spending to much time onrepparttar 122481 net when they get home! People who are

hoping one day they can make a better life for themselves. Butrepparttar 122482 sad

truth is that most ofrepparttar 122483 people who are buying these products never

see any residual income at all. Meanwhile,repparttar 122484 big dogs are getting richer

and richer. No need to prove my point on this, just look at allrepparttar 122485

Wal-Mart stores inrepparttar 122486 United States.

But there is hope for struggling net warriors, inrepparttar 122487 form of Stone Evans!

Yes, this guy is everywhere. It's hard to do any type of home business

Take the Leap! and Work at HOme

Written by Michelle Wollaston

Would you like to work for yourself from home? Oh! You have you been toying withrepparttar idea for a while now. So what is holding you back? I know you linger over those classifieds offering work from home opportunities. You sit for hours in front of your computer viewing web sites. Why is it taking so long? There is nothing very scary about leaving your name and email address. Ah! It is that little voice inside saying “ it’s a scam” or “It’s too good to be true”.

Maybe I can help. I was also hearing that voice. A 40-year young mum of 3 boys under 9, working in a 24/7 call center doing 10 hour shifts. Oh! It was great; I only had to work 4 days a week one of those days was Saturday till 9.00pm. A small sacrifice to make to still earn a full time wage I was home 3 nights to have dinner withrepparttar 122477 family and I had Sundays free to catch up onrepparttar 122478 housework.

Finally I realizedrepparttar 122479 whole thing was ridiculous, I hated it, my family hated it and I tookrepparttar 122480 leap. I now run my business from home. My once skeptical partner is now planning his retirement, and looking forward to staying home and fishing a lot, possibly one downside to all this, (no just joking, really!).

Let me share some information with you that I discovered while on my search for a home based opportunity. Multi Level marketing isrepparttar 122481 way to go. There are plenty of ethical and successful MLM companies out there with great products and marketing plans. If you are concerned make sure they are registered withrepparttar 122482 Direct Selling Association.

Why MLM you ask? It costs very little to begin. There is very little overhead. It doesn’t require long hours and you can decide when and how many hours you want to commit from one day torepparttar 122483 next. You don’t have to leave your current job. You can take your business anywhere you go and you can work it from anywhere you want. Absolutely anyone can do it. Regardless of your education, race, color or religion everyone starts off on an equal footing,repparttar 122484 rest is up torepparttar 122485 individual. You get to meet a lot of great people who all share a common goal and interest and who nurture each other as a team.

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