The Strange Avalanche Iceman Headline Techniqu

Written by Grady Smith

Curiosity. Intrigue. Mystery. All strong components that grab readers of your headlines byrepparttar ear a quite literally drag them intorepparttar 129381 rest of your copy.

Of course, if you’ve spent anytime studying headline creation, you know thatrepparttar 129382 headline can make or break your sales letter. Andrepparttar 129383 fact is, if you can’t push your readers pastrepparttar 129384 headline --infusing them with excitement and a commitment to get in and devourrepparttar 129385 rest of your sales letter -- then you aren’t going to see an ounce of profits for your efforts.

So how can you propel readers into your sales copy? Is there really a way that nearly anyone can create a winning headline that not only strikes interest in your readers, but has them hanging on your next word?

I’m here to tell you there is a way. And it’s much simpler than you might think.

First, of course, you want to write a headline that makes a promise and sums up your offers strongest benefit. An example would be writingrepparttar 129386 following…

“How A Complete Failure In Business Started A Million Dollar Internet Business With $57, And What You Need To Know To Imitate His Success.”

It’s a simple headline. But it gets acrossrepparttar 129387 point that anyone can do this on a shoestring budget.

But will people read it? And more importantly, is there enough juice behind this headline to build suspense and haverepparttar 129388 readers eager to readrepparttar 129389 rest ofrepparttar 129390 sales letter to find out howrepparttar 129391 person mentioned inrepparttar 129392 headline is doing it?

Perhaps. Only testingrepparttar 129393 headline would tell us for sure. But, by usingrepparttar 129394 simple “Strange Avalanche Iceman Headline Technique”, we can take that same headline and set it on fire.

Here’s how it works…

People are moved by words. And certain phrases and words create strong mental pictures in our minds. Just look atrepparttar 129395 name of this headline technique and see what I mean:

Are You a "P-Word" Solver?

Written by Mary Anne Hahn

Back inrepparttar days when I supervised customer service employees, I developed a standard (albeit somewhat corny) reply whenever anyone on my staff came to me with a problem.

"There are no 'problems' in Customer Service," I'd tell them, tongue planted firmly in cheek, "only challenges and opportunities for growth!"

Eventually, my staff began to join me in my quest to eliminaterepparttar 129378 negative-sounding "p-word" (problem) from our collective vocabulary-- perhaps so they wouldn't have to listen to my canned response. "I have a challenge for you," they'd say instead, or "Could you help me with this dilemma?"

Butrepparttar 129379 fact is, just as a rose by any other names smells as sweet, a p-p-p-problem (see? I *still* have trouble saying it!) requires a solution, no matter what you call it. And talented writers who can help businesses and individuals solve a "p-word"--or several of them-- will seldom lack for clients and assignments.

What kinds of "p-words" do your potential customers face?

· Work overload: A small advertising or PR agency suddenly gets swamped with more work that they can handle. The head of a company's communications department wishes she could have a few reliable freelancers to call on when her staff is on vacation or disability. The president of another company needs to give a speech at a convention next week, and doesn't have a clue as to when he'll find time to write it. Especially during times when organizations are downsizing, overworked people could certainly userepparttar 129380 helping hands of freelancers to help them solve their particular "p-words."

· A limited advertising budget: Many new businesses simply can't afford to hire an agency to handle their advertising and publicity needs, but they need to get their names and products out torepparttar 129381 public nevertheless. Freelance writers provide a cost-effective alternative to full-fledged agencies. Some ofrepparttar 129382 services you can provide include press releases, fliers and brochures, email marketing services and newspaper print ads.

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