The Straight Goods on Traffic-Generating Programs

Written by Angela Wu

It's no wonder that there are so many programs meant to helprepparttar online business owner drive traffic to their websites. With billions of web pages on all topics imaginable, most of our sites are just a tiny "blip" onrepparttar 122590 Internet radar.

Doing business online is to some extent a numbers game... but to just seek traffic forrepparttar 122591 sake of it? In my experience, it's usually a waste of time.

Let's use spam as an example - you knowrepparttar 122592 type: they solicit you for all sorts of things, from printer cartridges to porn, from "free" vacations to weight loss supplements. Most people simply get annoyed and deleterepparttar 122593 email. But out of allrepparttar 122594 hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people who receivedrepparttar 122595 email, there's bound to be a few people who buy.

The same concept applies to many ofrepparttar 122596 "traffic-generating" programs found far and wide onrepparttar 122597 'net. These programs typically claim to send a "flood" of visitors to your site -- and many of them do exactly that.

So what'srepparttar 122598 problem? It's simply that most traffic- generating programs aren't targeted to your audience. They're meant to do one thing: send you *traffic*. That could mean that your "makeup tips" site is receiving hits from people looking for pet supplies, automotive tips, or work-at-home jobs. These visitors are generally uninterested in what you have to offer, and are far less likely to make a purchase.

Tapping Into Your Full Potential

Written by Lois R. Thompson

In online as well as off line marketing 97% ofrepparttar folks are failing. Why is that? For starters most people don't take their business seriously enough to develop and incorporaterepparttar 122589 necessary business building actions.

Many are working their businesses as if they were playing with their hobby. Success in any business venture requires goingrepparttar 122590 extra mile...reaching beyondrepparttar 122591 comfort zone.

In MLM and Affiliate Marketing, goingrepparttar 122592 extra mile requires going beyond attempting to satisfy our own personal needs, wants and desires, and reaches outside of self. It requires going that extra mile to focus on and helping others achieve their needs, wants and desires.

You'll note that successful MLM and Affiliate Marketers are takingrepparttar 122593 time and efforts to focus on their team. They are positioned to offer nurturing through leadership to their down-line. Here they teach by leading, which offers a personal example.

Sure, nurturing your down-line takes time and stretches you. But,repparttar 122594 upside is it will not only transform you but allrepparttar 122595 lives you are touch.

How can you do that?

* Have faith in your team * Encourage them * Show appreciation for them * Trust them and their judgments * Openly and honestly share with your team * Offer a system of support and training * Take responsibility when you make mistakes

Leadership calls you to be an example to your organization. It calls for taking time to get to knowrepparttar 122596 members of your team personally discovering what they need to effectively build their business, and offering acknowledgment for a job well done. It requires you to put your actions where your mouth is...actions speaks louder than words.

Stop for a moment and give this some thought. How many people do you know in who YOU see great potential laying dormant...just waiting to be discovered and developed? For example, you know a child who had tremendous abilities to succeed in a given area. What's needed is a caring adult (usually a parent) to identify that ability, bring it torepparttar 122597 child's attention in a way he/she can understand, then begin to consistently encourage that child's confidence inrepparttar 122598 development of that area. Before too long, Voila! that child is accomplishing great things.

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