The Storyteller, Volume I

Written by Martha Whittington

The Storyteller New Book Offers Supernatural Tales Involving Everyday People

Martha Whittington invites readers to take a break fromrepparttar doldrums of daily routine and delve into a world where ordinary lives are blindsided byrepparttar 108368 bizarre. The Storyteller: Volume I (now available through AuthorHouse) provides a feast of paranormal delights that satisfyrepparttar 108369 imagination. Comprised of six intriguing tales, The Storyteller delves intorepparttar 108370 lives of a colorful variety of people who suddenly find themselves in unsettling situations. In “The Fennigan Case,” two news reporters step acrossrepparttar 108371 threshold of a creepy house and into another dimension. “A Unique Team” follows another investigative journalist as he plunges into international intrigue. Readers explorerepparttar 108372 mind of a psychic teenager in “The Hidden Knowledge” and meet a wicked woman who holds an entire town hostage with her dark magic in “The Witch”. Two brothers endure tragedy in a remote corner ofrepparttar 108373 world in “Sand,” and a couple experiences any parent’s worst nightmare in “The Gifted Child”.

Using Resell Rights to Get Traffic and Subscribers

Written by Jeremy Gislason

You seerepparttar ads all overrepparttar 108367 place, "Get 147 ebooks and 56 software titles for only x amount of dollars". Or how about, "Buyrepparttar 108368 master resell rights to this product for only xx amount of dollars". Lots of people buy these everyday withrepparttar 108369 hope of making big money. However,repparttar 108370 big question many people seem to have after buying them is, now that I've got them, whatrepparttar 108371 heck do I do with them?

Here are Seven Ways to userepparttar 108372 products you have resell and give away rights to in order to gain more opt-in subscribers and traffic to your website.

Create mini-sites linked to your home page. Most any resell product these days include a pre-written sales page, product and logo images andrepparttar 108373 product. All you need to do is upload everything to a new page on your server. If you do not know how to do this, find a programmer to help you out, as it will not cost very much. Test outrepparttar 108374 new page to make sure it looks good and orders process correctly. Make sure to have links going back to your home page from any new pages you create as well as linking to them from your home page. Cross-linking all your mini sales sites with your home page could lead to lots of added traffic over time.

Add bonuses to your existing product or service. If you are already selling your own product or service, find a few products from your package and add them as bonuses to your product. The important thing is to make sure they are really bonuses and compliment what you’re selling. For example, if you are selling a book about how taste test wine, you could add another book onrepparttar 108375 best cheeses and another onrepparttar 108376 best wineries inrepparttar 108377 world. Since cheese and wine go together nicely and they may be interested in traveling to a winery, these products make perfect sense to add on as bonuses. In addition, don’t over do it onrepparttar 108378 bonuses. If you’re product is selling for fifty dollars don’t have two-thousand dollars worth of bonuses or your offer will be to unbelievable for most people. Remember you can have too much of a good thing sometimes.

Set up an autoresponder series. Here is a good way to not only build an opt-in list but also to get people to your website. You set up a series or weekly, bi-weekly or monthly emails to go out with each one containing a new product to download. You provide a subscribe form on your website for this therefore building up an opt-in list. Provide a download link on a unique page for each download on your website so everyone has to visit your website in order to downloadrepparttar 108379 free product. You could then have redirect links back to your homepage after they downloadrepparttar 108380 product. This keeps them looking forward to your next email as well as getting them to your site every time.

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