The Story of the Hypnotic Writing Monkey

Written by Joe Vitale

The world's first Hypnotic Writer Author of "Hypnotic Writing" and "Advanced Hypnotic Writing"

A monkey could use "The Hypnotic Writer's Swipe File," a brand new e-book by Larry Dotson and myself, to write a riveting sales letter, ad, or e-mail message. The only condition isrepparttar monkey needs to be able to read.

I'll prove it to you.

Right now I have no idea how to write this article. So, in this case, I'mrepparttar 129825 monkey.

Now follow my path....

I grab this new e-book and flip through it---which is what I'm doing right now---and I spot a phrase...

"You don't realize it, but inrepparttar 129826 next few minutes you're going to learn..."

I add to that phrase something my monkey mind gives me, " to get people to do your bidding by using this amazing collection of hypnotic materials."

I now have this: "You don't realize it, but inrepparttar 129827 next few minutes you're going to learn how to get people to do your bidding by using this amazing collection of hypnotic materials."

There, I just wrote a good line. Any monkey could do it, as long as said monkey can type.

If you're like me, you'll probably want another example. Stop! Did you notice that "If you're like me..." is a hypnotic line? It is. It's in this book. My monkey mind found it and used it.

And "Stop!" is from this book, too. I saw it and tossed it intorepparttar 129828 above paragraph. Made you look, didn't it? Here's a fact for you: Any man, woman, child or monkey can flip throughrepparttar 129829 pages of this new ebook and find words, phrases, and complete sentences to help them lead and controlrepparttar 129830 minds of their readers.

Hey! Did you catch what I did? The phrase "Here's a fact for you..." is also from this collection. It's a way to assume logic without having any. It works. And did you notice that "Hey!" grabbed your mind? It, too, is from this collection. It's a powerful yet simple tool for practically yelling out your reader's name in a crowded room. It GRABS attention.

Are you beginning to see how you can use this material? Think about making use of this collection of hypnotic material and you'll begin to feel real power.

And did you notice that "Think about making use of..." is yet another golden nugget from this incredible ebook? Yes, a monkey with typing and reading skills just might be able to write a good letter with this amazing collection of tried and true hypnotic words and phrases. But more importantly, since YOU are smarter than any monkey, byrepparttar 129831 time you finish reading this material you will be able to take these words and phrases and weave them into hypnotic letters and ads that get people to act on your commands and suggestions.

Warm Up Online -- How to Put More of Yourself into Your Online Business to Increase Sales

Written by Lisa Lake

Picture yourself with a client onrepparttar golf course, lovingrepparttar 129823 sunny day andrepparttar 129824 easy conversation. Despite your below-average game you ease closer to a sale with each bogeyed hole behind you. Or imagine finishing up an important sale over a hearty restaurant meal. Aaah. Now hitrepparttar 129825 delete key if your business is operated online.

You do business onrepparttar 129826 cold screen. There's no sunshine. No outstretched hand to shake. No hot appetizer to share while you breakrepparttar 129827 ice. So how do you warm up to your customers? You be yourself -- but onrepparttar 129828 screen. To be successful your writing must be clear, be enticing, and be truly 'yours'. The words you write are your handshake, your conversation, and inrepparttar 129829 end, they make your sale.

So, haven't written much since your last five-paragraph theme on "To Kill a Mockingbird?" Expressing yourself creatively and originally while writing can be frightening for most people. That's because most people aren't comfortable and confident writers. So take some time, at least a couple of hours, to review a good book on writing. A great, easy read is a snappy book by Joel Saltzman titled, "If You Can Talk, You Can Write." (Warner Books, and a Writer's Digest Book Club Selection.) He givesrepparttar 129830 novice writer courage to "talk" on paper. You'll read sections like "From Fear to Freedom", "Okay, I've Finally Got a First Draft, Now What?" and "Rules ofrepparttar 129831 Road". The little paperback is packed with knowledge, and inrepparttar 129832 end will take you from a blank page to final copy. Study a couple of books like this and you'll soon be writing clear, energetic copy. Doesn't your reader deserve that?

But it will take practice. There's an irony aboutrepparttar 129833 writing you and I enjoy for its ease and simplicity. In fact it tookrepparttar 129834 writer real work to arrive at that look of ease and simplicity. So maybe you'll never be a Hemingway, but strive for clarity in your writing above all things, while communicating in a 'voice' as close to your own natural voice as possible.

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