The Sporting Westie Terrier

Written by Jeff Cuckson

Because it is intelligent and energetic, a Westie terrier is well suited for a number of dog events. Some competitions it might participate in are geared towardrepparttar Westie's natural instinct to hunt down prey and pursue it into its den. There are other events, though, in which it can compete with dogs of all breeds.

Being bred for using its sense of smell in hunting, a Westhighland terrier dog will do well in tracking events. In these competitions, a tracklayer walks through a specified course, leaving behind small objects that belong torepparttar 146662 Westie terrier's trainer. The track is aged, and thenrepparttar 146663 Westie terrier must lead its trainer throughrepparttar 146664 track to retrieverepparttar 146665 objects. Advanced tracking goes through or over obstacles like streams, fences, and woods, so tracking is a sport that gives a work-out to bothrepparttar 146666 Westies and its trainer.

Earthdog Tests are specifically designed for small terriers, likerepparttar 146667 West highland white terrier, as well as Dachshunds. These tests are designed to simulaterepparttar 146668 underground hunting that it was bred to perform. Inrepparttar 146669 simplest test,repparttar 146670 Quarry test, a man-made tunnel is constructed. It is about ten feet long, with one ninety-degree turn. The tunnel is scented, and has caged rats atrepparttar 146671 far end, whichrepparttar 146672 terrier dog must find and 'work' - pawing and snarling at them - for at least sixty seconds. The rats are then removed before either animals are harmed. More advanced Earthdog Tests are longer, and include more turns, and false trails.

The westie dog is also known to compete in Agility events. In these exciting, fast-paced competitions,repparttar 146673 Westie terrier is challenged to run through an obstacle course at high speed. There are seesaws to navigate, obstacles to jump, tunnels to traverse, and sets of poles for it to weave through. Because ofrepparttar 146674 jump requirements, in Agility competitionsrepparttar 146675 Westhighland terrier is pitted against dogs of similar size.

How to Play Safely with Your Westie Puppies!

Written by Jeff Cuckson

Just like children, westie puppies learn through play. Playing games with your west highland white terrier pups creates an opportunity to train them to obey your commands, gives them valuable exercise, and helps to build their strength, coordination, and agility. It is also fun for everyone.

Before you start playing games, there are some rules you should know, and safety precautions you should take. Your pups need to really run, not just walk on a leash, but be sure any area you play in has a fence. If they are city dogs, try finding a fenced-in tennis court for play. As a last resort, keeprepparttar puppy on an extra-long line. You do not want them to wander free until you are certain they will return on your command.

Never encourage your west highland pups to jump. The young bones are fragile, and not able to bearrepparttar 146661 stress of jumping untilrepparttar 146662 growth plates are fused. Games like Frisbee, or serious agility training, are for older dogs, although there is still much you can do with your westie puppies by having them working at ground level. If you are eager to start these kinds of games, at about one year of age you can take your westies to their veterinarian for an x-ray, to see ifrepparttar 146663 growth plates are completely fused.

Westie pups first learn to play inrepparttar 146664 litter by roughhousing with their littermates, but at six to eight weeks,repparttar 146665 mother westie begins to discourage this behavior. You should discourage it as well, by never roughhousing in ways that allow them to bite, nip, or claw at your hands. A nip from a puppy may seem harmless, but if a full-grown westie nips, you have a behavior problem. It also teaches them that they can dominate you through aggression. If they do manage to get a nip in during play, discourage it inrepparttar 146666 same way dogs do, by imitating a 'yelp' sound.

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